Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meet Smallville's Cosmic Boy

Kryptonsite notes that Ryan Kennedy is listed in the IMDB as playing Cosmic Boy.

Kennedy is another Canadian actor, joining Alexz Johnson as Saturn Girl. Here's a picture of him in 2007 (at right) with former Superman actor Dean Cain ("Lois and Clark"). (click here if you don't see the picture below)

The "Legion" episode is supposed to air in January after the holiday break.


Anonymous said...

Is it a problem my end? The picture isn't showing.

Michael said...

I hotlinked from the IMDB, which might not work all the time. I added a link to the picture.

Mike A. said...

Please tell me he's cut his hair for the role. Rokk is too straight laced to have the long hippie hair! :-)