Friday, November 21, 2008

Smallville preview (updated)

Update 11/21: added some clearer pictures, updated the Youtube link

Thanks to those who have emailed me about the preview for the upcoming Smallville episode starring the Legion. The show is taking a break until January, and the Legion episode (8x11) will lead off the second half of the season on January 15th.

(Unfortunately I haven't seen it yet, I'm several episodes behind in watching, so I don't know if anything in this last episode might shed some light on things. Please, no spoilers.)

Here's the teaser trailer for 8x11 and beyond, on YouTube. H/T to Anthony Riva for the original screencap. In the trailer, we see the three Legionnaires plus the Persuader (the armored mask and axe are the giveaway).

(Images via Kryptonsite)

That's nice and all, but I like my exclusive picture better.


Terence Chua said...

Here's another preview, but without the credit squooshing.

adriana said...

oh shit, god every time i see that picture i start cracking up

KryptonSite said...

It is indeed the Persuader in the preview :) I tried dropping a hint on KryptonSite a few days back but no one seemed to pick up on it.

anthonyriva said...

i can't wait for this episode! i think they look great and i love what they did with the costumes! i'm so happy to see Rokk's metal spheres on his jacket and Garth's lightning bolts!

i totally want those jackets!

i can't belive they pushed it back to January!

RAB said...

I have this weird and totally uncharacteristic thought that simply doesn't feel comfortable in my head:

This kind of looks, you know, not bad. I'm actually going to watch it.

afob said...

When she puts her hands on her hips, it looks like Saturn Girl has the Saturn emblem on her tee also.