Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trivia Answers #29

I should probably post my answers here before it's time for a new quiz. This month's theme was half Halloween and half Election Day. In other words, I see dead people (and vote for them)!

1. Which Legionnaires have worn the costume of another Legionnaire for some reason? (gender swapping is allowed here)

There were a lot, and this isn't going to list all of them (just the ones that we have thought of collectively).
  • Lightning Lass was disguised as Lightning Lad when he was dead
  • Sun Boy and Brainiac 5 masqueraded as Saturn Boy and Prince Projectur
  • Saturn Girl and Shrinking Violet swapped costumes while fighting The Immune
  • Chameleon Boy pretended to be Shrinking Violet/Yera on Imsk
  • Superboy/Ultra Boy pretended to be Reflecto
  • Wildfire inhabited Sun Boy's dead body (close enough)
  • Chameleon Boy posed as Bouncing Boy when the Legion held a competition to take on the Wanderers
  • The future Chameleon Girl (Yera) impersonated Shrinking Violet
  • In the Adult Legion story, Superman and Cosmic Man were disguised as each other
  • In another Adult Legion story, Brainiac 5 disguises himself as Superman
  • Supergirl had masqueraded as her cousin Superman (yes, and they have the same body type so that nobody could tell!)

I'm sure there are plenty of others that we missed.

2. Pre-Zero Hour, who were the longest- and shortest-serving Presidents of the United Planets?
The longest-serving was Tayla Wellington, while the shortest-serving was Jacques Foccart.
  • ??? ???? - Jul 2978: name unknown (assassinated in office by Universo)
  • Jul 2978 - Oct 2983: Kandru Boltax
  • Oct 2983 - Nov 2985: Marte Allon
  • Nov 2985 - Nov 2989: Mojai Desai
  • Nov 2989 - Apr 2995: Tayla Wellington (re-elected 2991; assassinated in office by Dominators)
  • Apr 2995 - May 2995: none
  • May 2995 - Jun 2995: Jacques Foccart (appointed after Earth's liberation; resigned)
  • Jun 2995 - Sep 2995: Troy Stewart (in office at Zero Hour)

3. How many times did Ferro Lad "appear" in a non-flashback situation after he died? (Pre-Zero Hour continuity only)
He first appeared as a ghost, then an exploding clone, then as a SW6 Legionnaire, then as a zombie.

4. When Marte Allon was drafted into running for President of the UP, who were her opponents?
The only one whose name was mentioned was Radley. The other never even got named.

5. Which Legionnaires (or close associates) have had a tie to DC's Vertigo characters?
I came up with Ivy, Lightning Saga Dream Girl, and maybe Lar Gand (his dead father appeared in an issue of Swamp Thing during Invasion, though Swampy wasn't Vertigo at the time). Jim remembered that the White Witch was shown in the original "Books of Magic" series when Mr. E took Tim Hunter time travelling.

6. Who is the President of the UP in the current (v5) continuity?
I'm glad Matthew said "Kin'thea Kieselbach" since I wouldn't have had a clue. Hey, sometimes I ask these questions and don't know the answer, hoping that someone else will.

7. Whose tombstone read "No Legionnaire served more honorably. No woman loved and was loved so deeply."?
That was on Phantom Girl's tombstone when she was believed killed in v4.

8. Of all of the UP Presidents that we know of, which ones had made prior appearances in a role other than President?
Pre-ZH: Marte Allon, Jacques Foccart, Troy Stewart
Post-ZH: R.J. Brande, Leland McAuley, Winema Wazzo
Hal - King Jonn was never UP President, and Universo wasn't Desai, he was his advisor Vid Gupta.


Matthew E said...

For #3, don't forget Ferro Lad's Mordruverse appearance. It wasn't a flashback.

Michael said...

Yes, but it wasn't Pre-Zero Hour continuity. Mordruverse is its own continuity.

Anonymous said...

Seem to recall Levitz having Shady wearing Mon's shirt in a private moment

Tom Galloway said...

I think Paul Levitz would be much more likely to have had a private moment with Gigi than Shady. : -)

Matthew E said...

Yes, but it wasn't Pre-Zero Hour continuity. Mordruverse is its own continuity.

Yes, it did have its own continuity. That continuity existed for a brief moment sometime before Zero Hour. It is pre-Zero-Hour continuity.

ted said...

I thought King Jon was UP president, as well. Maybe in the 5YL arc?

Hal Shipman said...

If he wasn't President, then what was his role? I remember seeing him in a Levitz era story, I think, thinking he was being treated as a familiar character, but I couldn't place. Then later re-reading that Duo Damsel story and had an A-ha! moment. So where was he? A UP Council member maybe?

kenaustin said...

King Jonn was the Supreme Commander of the U.P. Militia.