Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trivia Quiz #29

This month's theme is half Halloween and half Election Day. In other words, I see dead people (and vote for them)!

1. Which Legionnaires have worn the costume of another Legionnaire for some reason? (gender swapping is allowed here)

2. Pre-Zero Hour, who were the longest- and shortest-serving Presidents of the United Planets?

3. How many times did Ferro Lad "appear" in a non-flashback situation after he died? (Pre-Zero Hour continuity only)

4. When Marte Allon was drafted into running for President of the UP, who were her opponents?

5. Which Legionnaires (or close associates) have had a tie to DC's Vertigo characters?

6. Who is the President of the UP in the current (v5) continuity?

7. Whose tombstone read "No Legionnaire served more honorably. No woman loved and was loved so deeply."?

8. Of all of the UP Presidents that we know of, which ones had made prior appearances in a role other than President?


Matthew E said...

I don't usually get to answer these this early.

1. Well, I'll never get them all. Lightning Lass disguised herself as Lightning Lad in her first appearance. Chameleon Boy pretended to be Shrinking Violet/Yera on Imsk. Superboy/Ultra Boy pretended to be Reflecto, if that counts.

2. Marte Allon had a pretty long term. Jacques Foccart had a pretty short one, as did whoever took over from Tayla Wellington.

3. SW6 Ferro Lad had many appearances. There was that clone-of-Ferro-Lad story, and the ghost-of-Ferro-Lad story. He was still alive in the Mordruverse.

5. Uh... Dream Girl gets her powers from the Dreaming, according to Geoff Johns.

6. Kin'thea Kieselbach. I think that's her name.

7. Phantom Girl, in the 5YL era.

8. Marte Allon, I believe. Jacques and Troy, of course. Brande and McCauley (whether you count him or Ra's al Ghul). I think we first saw Desai as a candidate, on the verge of being elected. What about Winema Wazzo? Not sure about her.

Hal Shipman said...

Let's see, off the top of my head, I apparently can't remmeber much, but interesting questions.

1) Lightning Lass wore the then dead Garth's outfit in her first appearance (what did she do with the body during that time?).

3) I believe twice - once as a ghost (though I don't think we actually saw him. The sightings were the fakes) and then his clone in the Grell story where his and Invisible Kid's clone exploded.

7) Triplicate Girl's body killed by Computo.

8) Marte Allon as Colossal Boy's mother. King Jonn (or however you spell it) as one of the kings of the Purple/Orange split world in the first appearance of the Duo Damsel split costume. And Universo, I think, as Desai. I don't know if that counts, though.

Johnathan said...

1) Saturn Man and Prince Projectur were... damn! Lightning Lad and Chameleon Boy(? - guesses) disguised as Imra and Projectra a s a weird test of some sort. Does Sun Boy's body worn by Wildfire in Wildfire's costume count somehow?

3)Ghost, exploding clone, possibly in some capacity that time that his brother was doing all of that weird alternate reality stuff.

7. I'm going with Phantom Girl. Triplicate Girl's grave-rocket was just covered in autographs.

Asteroid Al said...

Chameleon Boy posed as Bouncing Boy when the Legion held a competition ... the details are hazy. They competed against each other and a group of heroes including Immorto and Dartalag... The winner was teleported to another world where Cham fell in love with a red-haired princess...

The mmeory grows dim. I hate growing old!

ted said...

1) Chameleon Girl (Yera) impersonated Shrinking Violet.

MichaelRbn@aol.com said...

1. Not sure if this counts, but in the Adult Legion story, Superman and Cosmic Man were disguised as each other.

Tom Galloway said...

In that trivia favorite story of mine (where White Witch was first mentioned to be a Legionnaire), Brainiac 5 disguises himself as Superman, since with his green skin he can fake being poisoned by Green K.

I can't recall a specific example just now, but I bet at some point Supergirl disguised herself as Superman.

Shortest UP President might go to either Universo or his predecessor in the Outlaw Legion story in Adv. 359-360. As I recall, Universo was disguised as the UP VP, and the President died shortly after his election.

Jim Drew said...

1. Sun Boy and somebody wore the male costume versions of Saturn Girl and Princess Projectra. Yera didn't wear the costume of Duo Damsel, but I'm sure it was nearby at some point during that scene in the TMK era. Laurel Gand wore Valor's outfit (with a skirt).

5. The White Witch was imaged when Mr. E took Tim Hunter (?) traipsing through time. And Amethyst must have some Vertigo ties somewhere, so that's another Mysa tie. Ivy was to be a descendant of Tefe Holland. And the Time Trapper himself has *got* to be connected to Destiny.

8. RJ Brande made bundles of prior appearances. Jeannie Chu has a pre-President appearance as an aide to President Thawne, although she had already been president in published issues; I don't think we ever saw President Thawne prior to his election.

Hal Shipman said...

"I can't recall a specific example just now, but I bet at some point Supergirl disguised herself as Superman."

In the classic "Death of Superman" Imaginary Story. So, it might not count for Mike's purposes as it a) was not a Legion story (though they appeared at the viewing) and b) it was imaginary. Perhaps it's due to the number of times that story has been re-printed, but Kara bursting out of the Superman suit is THE iconic Kara/Kal disguise moment for me.