Monday, November 10, 2008

Wizard World Texas 2008

I forgot that Wizard World Texas was this weekend, and was just up the road a piece (as they say in Texas) in Dallas. Here's the relevant commentary:

Via Newsarama:
Friday's DC Nation panel:

Satller [sic] did say that Legion of 3 Worlds is a VERY important book in the DCU for the next three years of story-telling.

Saturday's DCU: Crisis and Beyond panel:
Sattler admitted that he did not know if Jim Shooter will stick with DC after his Legion of Super Heroes run is complete.

(After his parting shots, I'd think not.)

Also, on Monday, the day after the convention, a press release came out saying that "The Topps Company announced today that WizKids will immediately cease operations and discontinue its product lines." Looks like they're going to try to sell the line off: "Topps will immediately pursue strategic alternatives so that viable brands and properties, including HeroClix, can continue without noticeable disruption."

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murrfox said...

They can say however much (or more often than not... how little) they want about how they have plans for the Legion... but I can't help but think that all this coyness and keeping mum isn't really hiding that come the end of Legion of Three Worlds, we'll probably be seeing Johns' version of the team take centre stage. I think the only thing up for debate is whether any Legionnaires from any of the other teams are going to be merged into the team. I can't help but think that the reboot team and the Waid/Shooter team are going to be shuffled off to the sidelines and storyline limbo again.