Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trivia Answers #42

Trivia answers tonight:

1. List any five of Lori Morning’s aliases when she used the "Dial H for Hero" dial.

The ones I came up with, via Wikipedia: Future Girl, Fireball, Slipstream, Blip, Dynasoar, Chiller, Ink, Galaxy Girl, Plasma, Helios, and the Time Trapper.

2. Which of the following were the members of the Interplanetary Bank Beast Guards?
a. Asteroid Serpent
b. Hypno Beast
c. Jigsaw Creature
d. Invisible Eagle
e. Flame-Beast
f. Phantom Beast
g. Loudspeaker Beast

The three animals that made up the Interplanetary Bank Beast Guards were the Asteroid Serpent, the Jigsaw Creature, and the Loudspeaker Beast (a, c, and g). The Hypno Beast was from the planet Lurna (ADV 302), the Invisible Eagle was seen in ADV 247, the Flame Beast was from Krypton, and the Phantom Beast was from the planet Siria (ADV 308).

3. In the future of the Adult Legion, which of the children were shown to have NOT inherited any powers from their Legionnaire parents?
We saw Timber Wolf and Light Lass's kids Loni, Brin, and Bran; Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl's kids Ronn and Arna; Shrinking Violet and Duplicate Boy's kids (names not revealed); and the son of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel. Brin, Bran, and Loni were specifically mentioned to have not gotten their parents powers, and they never revealed one way or the other about Vi's kids.

4. It was announced this week that the next big Superman story will be "Brainiac and the Legion of Super-Heroes". When has Brainiac met the Legion or individual Legionnaires, not including any of the Superboys or Supergirls?
Roy said Showcase '96 #10 and #11, The "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" story (outside the Fortress of Solitude), and DC Comics Presents #80. I thought there must have been one scene somewhere in Crisis on Infinite Earths but I may be mistaken. But everyone forgot the last episode of the Legion animated series, the "New Kids in Town" episode of the Superman animated series where the Legionnaires went back to Smallville to track down Brainiac, and the "Legion" episode of "Smallville" where the Legionnaires went back to Smallville to track down Brainiac. The Adult Legion of Super-Villains plus Brainiac (and Electro) were in Action #286, but the Legion wasn't in there. I did not count Pulsar Stargrave.

5. Where should a Legion artist have written "after Michelangelo"?
During the Great Darkness Saga, Keith Giffen drew Shadow Lass and Darkseid taking the places of Adam and God in Michelangelo's "Creation of Man" painting on the Sistene Chapel ceiling.

6. Who was Mordru's eyes and ears in the 20th century?
I was thinking specifically of Lana Lang, but pretty much everyone in Smallville was.

7. Which team played the Naltor Dreamers in the 2995 Galaxy Series?
The Toonar Pilots, of course.

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