Monday, May 03, 2010

Trivia Quiz #47

May kicks off the beginning of new Legion series by Paul Levitz and Yildiray Cinar, so in that spirit I present this issue of Legion Trivia.

1. Who were the main villains in each of the other #1 issues of the "Legion of Super-Heroes" series?

2. With the Legion appearing in two series next month (Adventure Comics and Legion v6), how many times in the past has the Legion had two simultaneous ongoing series?

3. Between his first story in LSH v2 #284 and the end of LSH v3 (including Annuals but not including miniseries), how many people were given some sort of writing credit along with Paul Levitz? This includes credits for plotter, scripter, dialog, etc.

4. Assuming that Adventure Comics had continued its numbering as a monthly title and had not been cancelled with issue #503, with the issues coming out (in whatever format) regularly since then as a typical DC comic. What issue number would have been dated May 2010?

5. Who wrote "An Open Note of Suicide", and why? For that matter, why does that question fit this quiz?

6. Which Legionnaire was featured in Yildiray Cinar's Sketchbook, which was first sold recently at the C2E2 convention and also posted online?

7. Who is the only Legionnaire whose birthday is in May?


Paul Newell said...

1. V1 - Command Kid
V2 - Didn't have a #1. Issue # 259 had, (The first LOSH issue), had the Psycho-Warrior.
V3 - Legion of Super-Villains
V4 - The Dominators and Roxxas....Sort of.
They kind of appear on the last page...There wasn't any real villains in the rest of the issue...Unless you count the assassins in the flashback ot the brief Universo cameo.
V5 - The adults of Lallor & a giant robot.


Legionnaires - Mano & The Hand Gang.
The Legion - Rhas Al Ghul disguised as Leland McCauley.

2. 3 times.
7. Superboy.

Mike McKean said...

2) Three times. Tales of the LSH/LSH v3 (1984-1987); LSH v4/Legionnaires (1993-2000); and LSH v5/LSH in 31st Century (2007-2008). LSH v1 was simultaneous with the Legion backups in Superboy in 1973, so that might count for four if you count Superboy as a "Legion series" before #197.

3) Strictly speaking, Paul began his second run at the tail end of the Reflecto saga, in #281 I think, when he provided the dialogue for Roy Thomas's plots. From #284, I can only recall Keith Giffen as "co-plotter" and Mindy Newell as writer on stories in Tales of the LSH in which Paul was credited for "plot assist". I can't recall offhand if any other artists were credited as co-plotters.

4) Since Adventure #503 was cover dated Sep 1983, if the series had been published monthly, the May 2010 issue (which would have come out in March) should have been numbered #823. I'm assuming Adventure would have published #0 and #1000000 in the same months as other DC titles, which balances out the two "extra" 1988 issues, Winter and Holiday.

7) Condo Arlik, Chemical King. Though I believe both Rond Vidar and Infectious Lass were also born in May.

Matthew E said...

1. v1 was a bunch of reprints, and I don't know what it was reprinting. v2 never had a #1. v3 had Nemesis Kid's LSV as the main villains. v4 didn't have a conventional villain that comes to mind; I guess you could argue for the Dominion. v5 had the giant robot and the anti-youth forces on Lallor.

2. Well, there was the early '80s, when TotLSH and LSHv3 were simultaneous and, for one year, distinct. In the early '90s through to about 2000, LSHv4 and Legionnaires were simultaneous. And more recently LSHv5 and LSH31C were simultaneous. So that's three. I'm assuming we're not counting L.E.G.I.O.N. or R.E.B.E.L.S.

No idea for the rest.

Alan Williams said...

5. That would be K. Haven Metzger, the designer of Saturn Girl's bikini-style bathing suit. Duke Harrington gives a brief precis at this link.

6. Shadow Lass, I think.

Tom Galloway said...

For 2), are you counting when Legionnaires (other than Superboy/man, Supergirl, and Jimmy Olsen) had their own series? In which case, up the number by 1 for Karate Kid's series. Since you specified on-going, Legionnaires 3, Who's Who, Secrets of the Legion, Cosmic Boy, Timber Wolf, Infernot, and 52 wouldn't count. Unclear if you'd count the current Legion backup in Adventure / Mon-El in the 20th century in Superman with Legionnaires disguised in the background from the beginning as two simultaneous series or not.

Michael said...

Tom - I purposely wrote "The Legion", meaning the group, so as to exclude individual Legionnaires or being guest stars. If they're a backup in someone else's series then it's not their series.

Anonymous said...

#5) Saturn Girl's new costume design was submitted by K. Haven (Kim) Metzger. This outfit, later colored fuscia, would be adopted by the Bronze Age Saturn Girl. When nearly all the Legionnaires were eventually given new costumes in the Bronze Age, Kim wrote his famous "An Open Note of Suicide" letter/essay in the fanzine Legion Outpost No. 10 (Spring 1981) , saying:

"... since those new uniforms were introduced, it just doesn't seem like the Legion I knew. And I live with the knowledge that I am responsible. Whatever it is about the Legion that seems different now, that something had its birth with my Saturn Girl uniform. I cannot bear to watch anymore ... I ask no forgiveness; I deserve none. Rather, I deserve perhaps pity, perhaps contempt from my fellow Legion fans ... Let those who sneer at a super-hero's costume with dreams of changing it - recall my success and remember the wretchedness it brought me."

Duke Harrington said...

1. Working entirely from memory, v.1 was the reprint series and MLLASH just posted a cover of it on Legion World. Now, assuming I recall the story that goes with that cover, the villains were Hitler, Julius Caesar and John Dillinger. The next LSH #1, depending on how you count it, might be LSH v.2 #258, which featured, IIRC, the end of the Psycho-Pirate two-parter. LSH v.3 #1 was the Baxter series, which opened with the LSV as the baddies. LSH v.4 #1 was the start of the Five-Year’s Later story-line, so I guess the villains were Keith Giffin and the Bierbaums. We might consider the #0 issue to be a #1 or sorts, since it launched the reboot. Villains this time was, um, Brande’s assassins? LSH v.5 #1 was the threeboot, which cast all adults as “The Man.”

2. Are we counting solo titles? If so, Karate Kid ran concurrent with Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Other than that, I only recall the tandem of LSH v.4 and Legionnaires.

3. My, that was a fun time. I really need to reboot my old Creator Tenure List sometime. Anyway, Paul took over from Roy Thomas, who took over from Gerry Conway, and I think all three may have been involved on some of those books together. Add in Giffen and I think that does it.

4. Adventure Comics #503 was cover-dated September, 1983, indicating it was probably on the stands in June of that year. From then to May, 2010 (a July cover-dated book) is 323 months. So, it some part of the multiverse, Levitz would be returning for Adventure Comics #826.

5. That would be our pal K. (Kim) Haven Metzer who bemoaned his creation of Saturn Girl’s “pink bikini” costume in Legion Outpost #10, because he hated all the costume changes that followed.

6. No idea. I’ll guess Brainy

7. Oh, no, I have no idea on this one, but I seem to recall a DC calendar that had all the super-hero birthdays on it. Is that where you are getting this data? I’ll guess Salu.

Duke Harrington said...

D'OH! brain-locked on the hard-cover/soft-cover experiement. Of couse those published at the same time. I don't think I would have thought to include the animated series though

Michael said...

Duke -
1. LSH v2 #259 is not a #1, it is #259. There was never a v2 #1.

2. I said "The Legion", not individual Legionnaires.

7. Yes, it's from that calendar.

Anonymous said...

3) Steve Lightle co-plotted Legion #23 with Mon-El's permanent lead cure.

Anonymous said...

3)John Byrne's role in the Death of Superboy should never be forgiven...