Monday, June 07, 2010

Trivia Quiz #48

This month's theme is "stuff I thought of while reading LSH v6 #1".

1. What were the names of the members of the original Wanderers, and what were their new names once they got their own series?

2. In the Silver Age, just about every member had a name that fit the pattern "Descriptor + Gender/Youth", like Karate Kid, Dream Girl, and Princess Projectra. Which Silver Age Legionnaire(s) did not fit this pattern? (That is, everyone who joined before Wildfire).

3. Which of the Legionnaires or their closely related characters has or had some sort of tie to the Green Lantern Corps?

4. Not counting Adventure 247, who was the first Legionnaire to get a permanent costume change that is outside the "artistic license" boundaries (I consider "how many points were on the sunburst symbol on Sun Boy's costume" to be an example of artistic license; Cosmic Boy changing from his pink costume to the bustier-type is a major change)?

5. Which other Legionnaire(s) were forced to join the Legion against their wishes or will?

6. Earth-Man is the latest Legionnaire to gain admittance to the Legion after his original tryout attempt. Who else failed at their first attempt, for whatever reason, and got in later?

7. Which other Legionnaire homeworlds have blown up?


Linda said...

Let's see on this one...great quiz.

1. I can't remember which team was the Wanderers and which were the Heroes of Lallor! And geez, they got their own series? That must've been in the 80's when everyone and their mom was. Stumped me on this one.

2. Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Mon-El all come to mind.

3. Rond Vidar, of course, was a Green Lantern and his father Universo was before him. Brainiac 5's ancestor Brainiac 2 joined the Sinestro Corps for a drink of water during Blackest Night.

4. I think this is Saturn Girl, since the V6 issue 1 made you think of it, and she's featured in that costume on the Lee variant issue.

5. Timber Wolf was pressured to join but turned it down, so he doesn't count. Andromeda from the Reboot Legion didn't want to join and was forced. Brainiac 5 from the Reboot Legion was sort of the same. He ignored his summons at first. Gates didn't want to join either.

6. Bouncing Boy failed his first tryout (and possibly, several others after), and it's been theorized that Matter-Eater Lad failed his first tryout too. People think he's one of the kids Bouncing Boy is telling his failure story to.

7. Orando in the Threeboot (Princess Projectra's homeworld). Earth blew up after the 5 year gap and that's plenty of Legionnaires' homeworld right there.

Great quiz this month, really challenging!

L. L. said...

Without going to the library . . .

!. Celebrand, Ornitho, Dartalg, Elvar, Quantum Queen, Psyche,

2. Shrinking Violet, Mon-El,

#. Rond Vidal, Celeste Rockfish

4. Colossal Boy

6. Bouncing Boy, Polar Boy, Night Girl, Fire Lad, Stone Boy, Infectious Lass, Chlorophyll Kid,, Supergirl,

7. Superboy, Supergirl, all of the ones from Earth

gsdgsd13 said...

#2 -- in addition to those already named, Timber Wolf.

#6 -- Wildfire failed as ERG-1, didn't he?

Meerkatdon said...

Off the top of my head:

Celebrand died & wasn't resurrected
Ornitho became Aviax
Immorto became Re-Animage
Dartalg became Dartalon
Elvo became Elvar
Psyche stayed Psyche
Quantum Queen stayed Quantum Queen

Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Mon-El, Timber Wolf, Rond Vidar (honorary), Tyroc, Reflecto (Adult Legion)

Rond Vidar, Celeste McCauley/Rockfish (aka Neon), Emerald Empress (?), Jordana Gardner (Teen Lantern from LSH in the 31st Century), Sodam Yat

I guess replacing Element Lad's question mark with an "E" doesn't count, eh?

Do the Murrans count? How about the LSV when whatsisname took over (Command Kid?)
The Khunds: Bloodclaw, Firefist, Flederweb, & Veilmist
Sir Prize and Miss Terious (?)
Sensor Girl (?)
In the Earth-247 Legion, weren't there some draftees that nobody wanted? Andromeda, maybe?
Dream Boy (Earth-Prime)

Bouncing Boy
Does Lone Wolf/Timber Wolf count?
Polar Boy
Night Girl
Just about all the Subs & cadets during the 5-Year-Gap

Trom was shown blowing up in Who's Who in the LSH, but that was quickly ascribed to Chronicler's Error
Didn't the Earth-Prime version of Orando go blooey soon before the series ended?
Earth keeps blowing up, most recently in this month's Brave & Bold (it got better)

Darrell Lawrence said...

1. Celebrand, Psyche, Quantum Queen, Elvo (Elvar = new name), Dartalg (Dartalon = new name), Orintho (Aviax = new name), Immorto (Re-Animage = new name)

2. Brainiac 5, Shrinking Violet, Mon-El, Chemical King, Timber Wolf

3. Universo, Rond Vidar, Neon, Jordana Gardner, Earthman

4. Colossal Boy?

5. Quite a few draftees from the Reboot Legion.

6. Wildfire, Bouncing Boy, Lightning/Light Lass (had to have a power change after Garth returned), Polar Boy, Night Girl Stone Boy (made it eventually, but turned it down)

7. Kal-El and Kara Zor-El, Saturn Girl, Princess Projectra (Threeboot), Earth a couple of times (5YL and Reboot)

Darrell Lawrence said...

Eek! #5 also: Earthman

Tom Galloway said...

4. LIghtning Lass -> Light Lass. Changed lightning bolts to first a cloud, then a feather symbol.

Jim Drew said...

4. Lightning Lass: changed from pants (as Lightning Lad) to a skirt!

Mike McKean said...

4. I can't recall anyone changing costume in the Legion's first run in Adventure. So I'll say... Supergirl! Who changed her look starting in the last few issues before Adventure #400!

Meerkatdon said...

#5: Wait, do you want those who joined against the Legion's wishes or will, or against the individual's wishes or will?

Michael said...

For #4, you guys are coming up with good examples but it's not what I was thinking of when I came up with the question (why won't you answer the question that I meant to ask, rather than answering the question that actually is printed?). The answer I'm looking for relates to a major costume change like Saturn Girl's red and white costume to the pink bikini-ish costume, Colossal Boy's green and yellow to his red and blue, Princess Projectra's blue suit with cape to her red and yellow bodysuit, etc.

For #5, I was originally looking for the names of Legionnaires who did not want to join the Legion but who were forced to, but it's also fair to ask who the Legion was forced to admit when the team did not want that person.

Chris K said...

For #6 a couple of people have mentioned Bouncing Boy - his origin recap is all about his rejection - but IIRC, the trio of Bouncing Boy, Sun Boy and Shrinking Violet were depicted as "applicants" for their first couple of appearances, and full members later, indicating that they were _all_ initially rejected...

--Chris K

Chris K said...

Thinking about that Bouncing Boy Origin some more...

Is #4 Matter Eater Lad? Linda mentions that it's "theorized" he's in that story, but Paul Levitz confirms that it's him in his annotations to the story in the Adventure Comics digest (and I _think_ his "first appearance" listings in the Who's Who reflect this... not gonna check)

Assuming that is Tenzil, he wore a different costume there than his familiar green and yellow one...

-- Chris K

Meerkatdon said...

Chris K: I checked. Yes, Tenzil's first appearance is listed as Adventure 301, the Bouncing Boy origin story. Good memory!

royiskeen said...

2. Braniac 5, Mon-El, Timber Wolf, Pete Ross, Rond Vidar.

3. Rond Vidar (became one!), Superboy (joined a team with Hal Jordan), Braniac 5 (ancestors had a lot of trouble with them)

4. Lightning Lass

5. Gates, Monstress, Star Boy, Blok

6. Polar Boy, Night Girl, (all of the subs, actually), Power Boy

7. Krypton, Blok's homeworld, Earth, Orando

Meerkatdon said...

royiskeen, great call on Dryad (Blok's homeworld)!

ted said...

7.Sorcerer's World/Zerox was destroyed in the Magic Wars/vol.4

The White Witch was not from there originaly but I would consider it her adopted homeworld.

Congrats on a really interesting quiz!