Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Klordny Week 2010!

Hey, we're in Klordny Week already! Since 1995, Klordny Week has been celebrated in the week or so that contains my birthday (August 13) and sometimes Elvis Appreciation Day (August 16). It first appeared in Superboy and the LSH 232 (10/77), written by Gerry Conway.

How do you celebrate? By dancing and partying!

Do me a favor, Lightning Lad, shut up and dance!

Why do you celebrate? I'm not telling you!

What's the Ritual Klordny Toast?

You can never have too much Frunt. Others celebrating (whether they know it or not) include Cold Frunt Productions, Frunt's flickr photos, Frunt's Myspace page, the Frunt Room, signs by Frunt, and a map of the town of Frunt, in Graubunden, Ostschweiz, Switzerland, and none other than Erwin Frunt!. Sadly, Yahoo Answers doesn't get it.


Aaron said...

Haha! I do love that splash page!

Ken Arromdee said...

I had always guessed that Klordny Week was actually a celebration of Miracle Monday. Since nobody remembered why Miralce Monday was celebrated, that would explain why nobody tells anyone the reason for Klordny Week.

Brainy Pirate said...

I've never understood why they were still in their costumes...

Regardless, Happy Klordny Week, everybody!!!

Anonymous said...

They're probably in costume for the sake of Gim's buddies. After all, if you invite Superboy to your party to impress everyone you don't really want him to turn up as Clark Kent.

Anonymous said...

I hate to bring this celebration down, but I figured that most of the people coming here have some connection to the APA, Klordny.

I just want to let people know that KC Ryan, former Klordny CM, passed away recently. He had stage four cancer and died in his sleep at his parents' home, where he was in hospice.

Very sad news. KC was a great guy, and he contributed a lot to Legion fandom. He'll be missed.

Jim Drew said...

The address for the Frunt pages has changed to here: