Monday, September 06, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

I'm not sure what else they do at Dragon*Con in Atlanta besides show off their amazing costumes - as I read on someone's Twitter status, "[San Diego] Comic Con is for amateurs" - but thanks to Brainiac 5 there was a gathering of Legionnaires (and a villain or two) at this year's convention. Pictures are slow to come online but I found a few.

@ThatDJSpider showed off her Sensor Girl costume before the con (original source; more of her shortly):

Here's a link to another photo at a DC character gathering. Lightning Lad is on the far left. This one has Brainiac 5 (the one who organized the Legion shoot) and Kid Quantum. (Note that neither of these allows pictures to be hotlinked like the one above).

Here are Brainiac 5 and his wife Supergirl.More photos on the Superhero Costuming Forum (which has its own discussion area just for Legion costumes).

So here's Sensor Girl (not hotlink-able) - and you know, I think that's what Sensor Girl would really look like.

And here are the 15 costumed Legionnaires and villains from this year's photo shoot, via @Gary_TheGreat (original source):

That's the Time Trapper at the top of the middle column, and it looks like Colossal Boy is holding Shrinking Violet.

Gary posted one other picture, taken after Keith Giffen left the area (original source):

Still waiting on others to be posted.


Rob said...

V cool - I hope they had fun getting together!

Anonymous said...

Just got home, so it may be a few days for my own photos to be posted. Besides, mine aren't going to be the best. Here are a few that another SCF member took:

As you can tell, we actually had a few more Legionnaires around, but due to schedules, we never got a 'complete' group photo - more showed up after we lost Supergirl and Karate Kid. We had around 22 total showing up - a few more had to drop out due to last minute illnesses (and our Dawnstar came out for us despite feeling awful. She was really looking forward to the Legion Gathering - a real trooper).

Check the SCF thread for more group shots once our 'official' photogs post theirs.

Michael said...

I'm amazed at how well you guys pulled this off.

Too bad there wasn't a Legion of 3 Worlds grouping with hundreds of Legionnaires! :)

Anonymous said...

Most of the credit should go to Frank, the Cosmic Boy in the original group shot you posted on Monday. He was our 'Directory of Photography' and came up with many of the poses spontaneously to adjust for the Legionnaires who were late/had to leave/didn't show. And after the second Cos showed, he took over as photographer as well, since our scheduled one didn't show (and a second stepped in but couldn't stay). I'm looking forward to HIS photos, since the compositions were based on his position, and should be better balanced (and fewer feet /legs cut off!)

If we could have gotten hundreds, we would have. As I stated before, we had about 27 sign ups, and ended up with 21-22 showing which was a huge success. Last year a similar group failed to materialize and only 4 Legionnaires found each other.

So I'm pleased.

The original plan was to switch off on wearing the Time Trapper robes for the duplicate characters (since it seems everyone will have a go, eventually! :-) )but do some L3W shots with a recognizable Superman wearing them as Prime. But he couldn't make it, and our classic Superboy stepped in, and Darren from the Substitute podcasters wore the purple for the first several group shots!

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