Saturday, September 04, 2010

Toronto & Baltimore convention updates

Totally missed covering the Chicago Comic Con (formerly Wizard World Chicago, two weeks ago) and the Toronto Fan Fest and the Baltimore Comic Con (both last week). Here are some Legiony highlights, with the big news being that the Legion will not appear in Adventure after next summer:

DC Nation at Baltimore, via Newsarama:

[Sterling] Gates: Then there's a Supergirl Annual with Supergirl and the Legion. It's her first teamup with Brianiac 5 from her point of view. (Here's the cover)

Q: Loving Levitz's Legion, anything you can say?
A: Sattler: It's kicking into high gear in a couple issues and doesn't slow down.
DC Sunday Conversation at Baltimore, via CBR:
Will either Superboy or Supergirl be recurring “Legion” characters? Lemire’s “Superboy” is starting soon and you never have any idea who’ll turn up there, the panel teased.
DC Nation at Toronto, via CBR:
DiDio himself revealed that a new character would be headlining “Adventure Comics” after the superstar team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert completed next summer’s “Flashpoint” event miniseries.
Can anyone locate a page on Wizard's website that has news for what happened at their con? CBR and Newsarama didn't cover it and Wizard's page seems to be designed only to sell things.

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Murray said...

Nothing happened at Wizard World. There were no comic panels to speak of. Unless that Blagojevich character is joining the Legion, you can rest easy that you didn't miss anything.