Sunday, March 20, 2011

C2E2 10

This year's C2E2 in Chicago has ended. Here's what you missed from a Legion-centric perspective:

Via Newsarama:

DC Icons panel

Is Linda Danvers/Matrix Supergirl ever going to come back? DiDio: "Don't look at me, I just work here." DiDio says we will not be seeing her again.

The fan then asks about the multiple Legion of Superheroes, and why we can't have multiple Supergirls. DiDio says the current forward direction is Supergirl as Superman's cousin.

Is there a chance for an ongoing Lex Luthor or the Legion of Supervillains series? Berganza: "There's always possibilities." DiDio says the book where the villains are the lead are tough to sustain: They either fight villains and become kind of heroes, fight heroes and lose, or fight heroes and win and start killing off your stable.
DC Nation panel

DiDio says that Adventure Comics might be more of a showcase book, moving ahead, but he hopes Brightest Day will help other characters support their own series.

I don't think CBR covered the DC Icons panel, but here's what came out of their coverage of the DC Nation panel:

DiDio said "Adventure Comics" will likely become a "Showcase"-style book, responding to a question about the "Brightest Day" characters unlikely to support their own series at this point.

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Rob said...

Thx for posting. Valid point about LSV series. Even reading the one shot, I felt a little frustrated there weren't more Legionnaires in it.