Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emerald City Comic Con 2011

Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con was last weekend. Couldn't find much in the news, but here's what I did find:

DC Universe panel, via CBR:

A reader dissatisfied with the gaps left in Paul Levitz's "Legion of Superheroes" history was promised that "Paul has major plans for the book and will be filling those gaps" beginning in late summer/fall.
But seriously, unnamed fan, the book hasn't even been out a year, did you want the new book to pick up from the end of the Magic Wars right away?  

CBR's coverage of the DC Nation panel didn't say anything, and couldn't find anything from Newsarama.

Next weekend: C2E2 in Chicago.


Ricardo said...

Actually, according to the Legion Annual, there is a "5YG" right after Magic Wars for retroboot. Which makes even less sense, since there are obvious incongruities in this new timeline.

Nikki said...

I think we have to realise that this series has to be open to new readers who don't care about continuity. If he can work it in to a current storyline and give it meaning, great but I don't need Paul to worry about it right now. We could get a 'Secrets of the Legion of Super-heroes' maxi series in a few years for those gaps

Prof. Lemaris Lang said...

I believe that Pevitz, with his doctrine of Chronicler's error, is presenting a new narrative for the Legion, with an occasional nod to the long time fans. And bless him for it.

Jim Drew said...

Yes, that is what the unnamed fan wants: a 20-year Rumplestiltskin nap, but one where nothing happened to the Legion continuity.

I would like to see a "What happened between" special or mini at some (not far distant) point. That was always one of the weak point of the TMK Legion: lots of stuff happened, but we had to piece it together for years rather than ever really knowing. That didn't help sales in the long run.