Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Heroclix coming too

Via Gamers Daily News comes word of a new Heroclix expansion set, coming in September:

The DC HeroClix: Superman expansion will feature more than 50 figures in standard five-figure boosters.  Celebrating over 70 years of history, Superman brings all of the action and amazing power that only the Last Son of Krypton can deliver, and where Superman treads his greatest villains and allies cannot be far behind!  Popular sub-themes in the set will include: All-Star Superman, the World of New Krypton, the Legion of Super Heroes, the exciting and pivotal Flashpoint mini-series and more!


collectededitions said...

Interesting that Flashpoint, for instance, is lumped with Superman here. Is this DC Universe Heroclix marketed under a Superman banner, or is there some other misunderstanding in the announcement?

Michael said...

More likely that they wanted to have some Flashpoint characters and this was the first expansion set available to put them in.

Kevin T said...

I collect Heroclix, so I can address some of this: Flashpoint is just another sub-theme in the set--in any set, some of the characters will relate to the main theme, some will be variations of that theme (i.e. The Legion), some will depart completely from it, as with Flashpoint.

From what I have either read or seen, there will be a relatively large number of Legion members in the set: Princess Projectra (in a new style Sensor Girl uniform), Star Boy (in a Giffen era starfield suit and beard), Star Man (with mask from Kingdom Come and his later JSA time), Wildfire (new uniform), Sun Boy (new uniform), Matter Eater Lad (Bronze Age uniform), and Invisible Kid (cast in clear plastic, so tough to tell, but it looked more vaguely Lyle-ish than Jacques-ish. There is a Supergirl in the set as well, with the modern uniform.

Kevin T said...

Add Earth Man to that last list!