Wednesday, November 09, 2011

LSH Action Figures On Sale 11/15...No, Not *Those* Figures has announced its monthly sale on the 15th items, and among a lot of other items, they're having a mass sale on JLU style 4-packs. This includes the Legion 4-pack of Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and a blue Brainiac 5.

Originally $30, if you buy 10 4-packs (same person doing the order, shipped to the same address), they'll be only $12 each. Buy 20 packs, $10 each. Buy 30 packs, $8 each. They don't have to all be the Legion 4-pack; you can mix and match the Shazam! Family, Gotham City Criminals, Justice Guild, and Doom Patrol 4-packs with the LSH one to reach 10, 20 or 30.

It is a bit unclear if they'll be sold in quantities less than 10 for the usual $30; it's vaguely implied, but not explicitly stated.

Full list of items on sale on MattyCollector's News Page.

As a side note, comments by MattyCollector reps on their forums indicate a decent chance there'll be a second run of 12-pack, but no guarantees.


Sudro Brown II said...

A second run of the Matty 12 pack? Oh good. I'm sure there are some scalpers that didn't get a chance to pick up a couple of dozen the first time round.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, did you see they are reissuing the Legion Figures on coming out Dec. 15th???