Monday, December 05, 2011

Another Shot At The Action Figure 12-Pack has announced that its upcoming December 15th sale will include the Legion figure 12-pack. This one is supposed to be a "reissue with burst", but there's no explanation of what a "burst" is. Also, it's noted that some buyers will get previously held in reserve first run sans burst packs.


Mike S said...

According to Mattycollector:

All reissued figures receive a graphic burst on the package stating “The Original” to indicate it is a re-released product but identical to the first run. Mattel holds back a small amount of product from each sale for customer service needs. When a product is reissued, the held back stock is sold. A small percentage of customers will receive product from the first run and the package will not contain the burst. This is random and we cannot control which package will be received.

Shadow Kid said...

I was very happy to have received my set and think it's great that Mattel is doing a re-release so that everyone who wanted one has a chance to try again. Let's hope it's another sell-out (not one fueled by eBay sharks) and that Box 2 will soon be announced (bring on the Legion Lasses!)

A perfect 2nd Boxed set for me would be:
1. Shadow Lass (Grell bikini OR Lightle costume...anything BUT the short haircut look!)
2. Mon-El
3. Phantom Girl
4. Princess Projectra
5. Light Lass
6. Element Lad
7. Dream Girl
8. Sun Boy
9. Invisible Kid (Jacques)
10. Dawnstar
11. White Witch
12. Blok (oversized)
* Bonus miniature Shrinking Violet

That would basically only leave a Bouncing Boy/Duo Damsel 2-pack and maybe a 3-pack of the original honored dead: Invisible Kid (Lyle), Ferro Lad, and Chemical King.

Oh, and Tyroc! Must have Tyroc in his original costume!

A Pre-Crisis Kara would be nice her hot-pants uniform.

Of course I'd welcome Tellus + Quislet, Magnetic Kid, Polar Boy, Night Girl, & Chameleon Girl. Um, and Gates (nah).