Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shooter signing in Denver on Saturday

If you're in the Denver area this weekend, Jim Shooter is too, signing at Mile High.

I’m going to be signing at Chuck Rozanski’s new Mile High Comics Mega-Store this Saturday. I don’t often do signings and conventions anymore, but Chuck has been a good friend for over 30 years. He asked me to help out with his Christmas Season event at his new store and I couldn’t let him down.  He’s helped me out many times and never let me down.
Check the link for the details on times and autographing schedules, you can get stuff in person or buy through the website.


weird news said...

Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

It's too bad this website has been shut down for the past month. Is it permanent? Even adding a second person didn't help. Do you have any recommendations for another Legion news site?

Ivan minijuegos said...

mmm because they do not publish anything?

Arion said...

Hello, you have a great blog. I've recently decided to review some of my favorite Legion runs on my blog:

Maybe you'd like to check it out.


Ray said...

Is this blog active, any longer. Three months without an update.

Anonymous said...

So I guess all that's left is to shut down the website. I know I will continue to miss it for a long time.