Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Animated Legion news 4

Comics Continuum reports that Matt Czuchry is providing the voice of Brainiac 5 in the upcoming Justice League Unlimited episode "Far From Home" with Supergirl and the Legion. That's three scoops in three days so far. (via Legion Clubhouse)

In case you missed it, voice actor Shawn (from my post here yesterday) confirmed that he auditioned for the role of Timber Wolf in the potential Legion series.

Finally, I'm adding a page over on the right hand side here for the latest summary of Animated Legion news.


Scott said...

Shawn has posted his audition experience over at his blog. Sounds like it went well.

Maybe he'll stop back by here and read us a little of the Legion Pledge or give us a hint as to who the other character he was asked to read for was.

Enoch Allen said...

I just discovered your cartoon (right category?) blog. There aren’t enough of these things, in my opinion. Keep up the good work. Animation needs as much support as can be mustered!