Monday, January 23, 2006

Animated Legion news 5

Animated Legion news you may or may not have seen since my last post here...

  • Paul Dini kinda-sorta replied to my question about the Legion in his JLU episode:
    Q. Who is in the Supergirl episode that you wrote besides Supergirl?
    A. I promised I wouldn't say, but as the working title was "Supergirl and the Legion," that should give you a clue.

    And in the comments later:
    I'm rarely at Warners these days, but I have read a lot of net speculation about what's next and a Legion cartoon (of some sort) seems like a good bet. I've been wrong before though (Harley & Ivy the series).

  • First confirmed voice actor for the upcoming series: Shawn (no last name yet), who as previously noted had auditioned for the role of Timber Wolf (or maybe "Timberwolf"). In one post he discusses his call-back audition (including reading the Legion Pledge) and in another he tells us that he got the part.
    let me give you some back story on the character and when this pledge takes place in the episode. she tells me the character has been rescued by the legion from the clutches of evil. he now feels indebted to the legion and is honored to be making this pledge to fight good.

  • Steve Fritz at Newsarama interviewed the JLU producers. Discussing rumors of upcoming shows, Fritz says:
    Well, truth be told, those same sources are telling me some interesting things now. The main thing is WB Animation is working on a slew of DC-related shows. Among them are Supergirl & The Legion of Super-Heroes, a new version of Superman (probably the most likely), a Doom Patrol series, and also there has been some talk about either a Brave & Bold or World's Finest spin-off. What's known is there is a Supergirl/Legion episode scripted and apparently running this season of JLU (It was written by Paul Dini, no less).

    Note that he says Supergirl and the Legion, while we've heard elsewhere (including from Shawn, who was reading for the part) it's a Superboy and the Legion series. Nobody knows or is willing to say yet how (or if) the JLU episode is related to the rumored LSH series. (via Legion Clubhouse)

  • Harry McCracken was asked by a correspondent about this Legion series. He hadn't heard anything, but this blog updated him with all that's known so far.

  • A post on DC's Legion message board pointed me to Silver Bullet Comic Books' All the Rage discusses the future (or lack thereof) of the JLU series:
    Cartoon Network’s official position is that the show’s future is “undecided”, but many suspect that it won’t announce the cancellation until after the final episodes air later this year, if they even decide to announce it at all. Further, it is still heavily rumored that Bruce Timm will be leaving Warner Brothers Animation following the completion of the current season. It’s unclear if Dwayne McDuffie will also be leaving or if he will stay on. Some of the JLU staff members are said to have already been shifted over to the new Legion of Superheroes cartoon. With that in mind, the future of JLU looks pretty bleak at the moment.

    A poster on the DC boards thread adds more (apparently it's not new news, but it's news to me):
    From what I've heard, Allan Heinberg (Sex in the City, Young Avengers) is the show-runner. I don't know who's doing the model sheets, but I'd love to see them done either by Kieth Giffen, or Barry Kitson. I DO think that the cartoon should have a strong resemblance to the current Legion, for purposes of cross-promotion, and support of the current book. That said, TPTB didn't ask me... as usual!

    Heinberg's credits at the IMDB also include stints as writer and/or producer of Party of Five, Gilmore Girls, and The O.C..

  • Finally, last summer (though I just found it tonight), the Absorbascon discussed the rumored series:
    I don't think it's general knowledge yet, but the people behind JLU and the Toon Titans are coming out with a Legion of SuperHeroes cartoon, whose animation style will split the difference between the other two series.

    'Bout time! The Legion is a natural for younger audiences, and I'm assuming it'll be pitched at the age group between watchers of TT and watchers of JLU. With Krypto, TT, The Batman, LHS, and JLU, the DC toon roster will have something for children of all ages.

    Scipio then asked asked "who do you think should be in the Legion series and what do you want it to be like?" Interesting ideas.

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