Thursday, January 26, 2006

Legion's JLU episode next week!

If you live in the UK and get SKY, that is. The message board at for the UK says this week's episode "The Great Brain Robbery" showed a preview for an episode that features Supergirl and the Legion. Supposedly Canada is getting new episodes too, so we should see bootleg copies on the various file-sharing systems oh, about, 5 minutes after the show ends.

Us USAns will have to wait until March 11. New episodes begin Feb. 11th on Cartoon Network, according to Comics Continuum, and "Far From Home" is 5th in line. It'll be episode 34 (of the new series, episode 87 or 5.9 if you count the old JL series).

Update 1/27/06: One of the ToonZone posts says that the preview for next week shows Blok, Validus, Persuader, and Emerald Empress. (via Legion Clubhouse)

Update 1/30/06: World's Finest has the official list that says there's actually one other episode between this week's and "Far From Home", called "Grudge Match". That makes "Far From Home" episode 36 of the series.

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naladahc said...

Cartoon Network hates America.