Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Superboy-Prime figure from DC Direct

A while back (I wish I could find the post), DC announced that it wasn't going to show Superboy-Prime's new costume from Infinite Crisis since the costume itself was a spoiler. Fandom assumed (hoped?) that this Superboy would see himself as an unneeded duplicate in the 21st century, and he'd head off to the 31st century to hang out with the Legion. Voila, we'd have a Superboy with the Legion again, a Superboy unencumbered by 21st century ties - one that doesn't have to grow up to be Superman, with basically no back story that needs retconning. The speculation was that the spoiler would be that his new costume was Legion-based, giving us a big clue into his fate at the end of the series.

Well, we were wrong. Instead of Superboy, we're getting Supergirl.

And Superboy does get a new costume. DC Direct has a picture of the Earth-Prime Superboy. Yes, it is a HUGE spoiler and all I'll say is no, it's not Legion-based. If you don't want to know what happens to Superboy following the events of Infinite Crisis 4, then do not click here. You've been warned.

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naladahc said...

Yeah. I was kind of shocked that they even did release an image of it now.

I mean obvious the events of issue #4 in terms of Superboy are far from over.