Saturday, August 05, 2006

Animated LSH episode 1 update

Update 8/6: assuming the anonymous commenter below is correct, the information posted to the Wikipedia's episode list page is incorrect. I've update that page with the information from that comment (and I hope this one is right!).

The Legion show has two Wikipedia pages: one for the series itself, and one with a listing of the episodes (with title, description, writer, and director).

Someone with apparently pretty good knowledge somewhat of an idea of the series updated the episode list page today to update the info for episode 1. (Note that some of it was apparently wrong at the time, since corrected per the first comment below.)

The name of the episode is "Man of Tomorrow", written by series creator James Tucker and Matt Wayne Amy Wolfram, and directed by Tucker and Ben Jones. The episode description (from the Superman Homepage) is:
When fearsome villains the Fatal Five set their sights on the newly formed Legion of Super Heroes, three of the Legion's members go back in time to get help from the greatest hero of all time: Superman. Instead they find Clark Kent, aware of his powers but not yet of his grand destiny.

The episode premieres on Sept. 23, 2006.


Anonymous said...

James Tucker is the producer/showrunner of the Legion series, but he didn't write "Man of Tomorrow". Rob Hogee story edited it and it was written by Amy Wolfram. As usual, Wikipedia gets it wrong.

Michael said...

Well, all I can say is "garbage in, garbage out." Don't blame Wikipedia, blame those who put in the wrong information.

Someone at the IP address of who wanted to be anonymous (that maps to a added the info and since it appeared that person knew what they were talking about, I noted it here. I'll update the Wiki page and correct this entry.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I neglected to correct the second part of that erroneous entry in Wikipedia, Ben Jones alone directed the episode "Man of Tomorrow". James Tucker, as producer gave notes on it to Ben and did the final edit on it, but Ben was the sole director of it. Sorry I didn't catch that in my last response. I hate for people not to get the proper credit for the work they've done.
A VERY reliable source.

Michael said...

Thanks, I just updated it.

If you've got anything you want to share privately, my email address is up there in my profile. Feel free to continue leaving comments here anonymously too.

Over at the Legion show's main Wikipedia page, there's a list of staffers that I've cribbed from various places (blogs, IMDB, etc.). Anyone you see not listed here that you think deserves to be there? And you know there are a lot of characters listed there with no voice actors names...