Friday, August 18, 2006

Animated LSH news 53: Shawn Harrison interview

Comics Continuum today presents an interview with Shawn "Timber Wolf" Harrison, conducted at last month's San Diego con.

The Continuum: Describe your take on your character.

Harrison: My character is Timber Wolf. And for those of you who don't know, I have a lot of wolf-like characteristics. My father experimented on me and sort of created this ultimate machine that I ended up being.

The Continuum: You have an episode basically devoted to you?

Harrison: It's all about the discovery of who I am and how I am introduced to the Legionnaires. And then I become part of the Legion.

The Continuum: What's your approach to his voice?

Harrison: Whenever, I do a character, I look at the graphics first and try to visualize what I think that person sounds like. And then I'll start to play with certain timbers and tones in my voice to try to effect the voice. With him, I knew I wanted to go with something very understated and very dark � and sort of mysterious.

You might recall Shawn's efforts earlier this year at auditioning. See also here (he got the job), the first big meeting with all the staff and voice talent, and the first recording session in Feburary.

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