Monday, August 07, 2006

Animated LSH news 48: This Sucks, Cubs Fans

OK, so I messed up the numbering, I didn't put numbers on the Animated Updates since the San Diego Con. Oh well. Just consider those a mini-series or something between regular issues.

Find #1, from last week: This Sucks. One of the directors of the Legion series, Lauren Montgomery, started her own blog. This lady is NOT the same as the porn star, by the way, so don't ask. (Via Eric Canete)

Find #2, from this week: Comics Continuum reports today that the Legion was part of DC's video wall at last weekend's WizardWorld Chicago con. Here's an image of Clark Kent as he arrives in the future:

The background seems like a combination of computer generated imagery (CGI) and traditional animation, just this image (for example) from the Justice League Unlimited episode "Far From Home".

More from today's Continuum:

Producer James Tucker said he is very aware from the property's fan base.

"The Legion has a long history in DC Comics, as you all know," Tucker said. "Legion fans are the most devout, passionate. I'm from Chicago and they're like Cub fans. Throw them a curveball and they're going to go with it. The Legion to them is dear to their heart.

"It's a great property, a great set of characters and a great concept."

The Continuum promises more news starting tomorrow. The site mentioned that it interviewed the main voice actors in San Diego, maybe this is the beginning of those. We'll see.

Cubs fans, huh? It could be worse. We could be [insert name of team you hate] fans, instead.

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