Thursday, August 17, 2006

Animated LSH news 52: Eric Canete interview

One of the Legion show's Background artists, Eric Canete, was interviewed today at WizardUniverse (though the actual interview took place in Chicago).

WIZARDUNIVERSE: With “Legion of Superheroes,” obviously you said you’ve been swamped doing this. What’s that experience been like? You said you’ve worked in animation before, but is this one of the bigger things you’ve done?

CANETE: Actually, I worked on other stuff for Warner Bros. Primarily I’ve been at Warner Bros. for two years now working on shows like “The Batman,” “Justice League Unlimited” and now “Legion.” It’s an old hat. You come from one show to another and it’s pretty much the same. The only thing with “Legion” that is high stress is that it’s basically replacing “Justice League Unlimited.” The expectations are extremely high. We fall under the whole “Justice League Unlimited” umbrella, so there’s that added pressure of making the show look as good if not better.

Secondly, it’s a brand new show. There’s always going to be growing pains. Stylistically it looks different than “Justice League Unlimited.” They have to get the style right when they start animating it. But we did see a couple of the episodes come back in its rough form. It looks amazing. It’s great.

Read more at the interview.

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