Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Animated LSH news 55: two new names

Now that the production part of the animated Legion show is done, it's time for post-production. I'll admit to knowing very little about the whole production process, but once the animation is done, one thing that has to be done is someone has to edit the dialogue to fit the animation and the characters' mouths and movements. For the Legion show, that person is Mark Keefer.

I'm editing dialogue and ADR for "Legion".

I just started back last week, and haven't gotten acquainted with all of the characters in the show yet (I’m just now posting sound for the second episode), but I think the voices the producers chose for the show are all very strong.

If you're a classic "Legion" fan you'll probably like it. If you liked "Teen Titans" at all, you'll enjoy it even more.

Mark's got a good primer on what a sound designer and sound editor does. ADR is "automated dialogue replacement" which means he helps the voice actor re-record some lines to be added to the show after the original recording (for whatever reason).

Meanwhile, a new name (to me) showed up as having worked on the show, though he's finished for the season: Chad Townsend, who joined the team as a prop designer.
Recently I wrapped up my contract as a prop designer for Warner Brothers animation, on thier newest cartoon series Legion of Superheroes. It was easily one of the most rewarding jobs i’ve done. I had a blast working for those guys.

Unfortunately he can't give info about unaired episodes, but look for his first show on Oct. 7th (which would be "Legacy" according to the Wikipedia).

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