Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthdays, anniversaries, and hey - it's Klordny Week!

Today's my birthday. Do I get birthday wishes from Ragnell, Kalinara, Random Panels, or Beaucoup Kevin, like Chris Sims did? Not yet. But I do share my birthday with Don Ho, Alfred Hitchcock, Fidel Castro, skater Midori Ito, Billy Tucci (Shi), Jim Mooney, and Danny Bonaduce, for whatever that's worth.

In my honor, I'm starting the Legion birthday list. The 1976 DC Calendar had nearly every day of the year as someone's birthday, and with a couple dozen Legionnaires and another dozen friends, that's about one per week. So, here are the birthdays and anniversaries for the upcoming week of Aug. 13-19 (with years taken from the 2995 Legion Sourcebook):

  • Aug. 14 - Supergirl adopts Streaky the Supercat (future member of the Legion of Super-Pets)
  • Aug. 15, 2960 - Birthday of Ral Benem (Chlorophyll Kid) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes!

Also this week in Legion history, according to the 2995 Legion Sourcebook (as amended in Fanzing #21):
  • Aug. 14, 2991 - Black Dawn.
  • Aug. 14, 2993 - Grev Mallor marries Lady Memory on Talok VIII
  • Aug. 15, 2973 - Kid Quantum joins
  • Aug. 15, 2991 - Karate Kid II resists arrest and flees, ending his Legion membership.
  • Aug. 17, 2991 - Blok, Dawnstar, and Dream Girl resign in the wake of Black Dawn.
  • Aug. 19, 2991 - Crystal Kid resigns in the wake of Black Dawn.

You might also not be aware that today starts Klordny Week, too. Since 1995, Klordny Week has been celebrated in the week or so that contains both my birthday (August 13) and Elvis Appreciation Day (August 16). It first appeared in Superboy and the LSH 232 (10/77).

How do you celebrate? By dancing and partying!

Do me a favor, Lightning Lad, shut up and dance!

Why do you celebrate? I'm not telling you!

What's the Ritual Klordny Toast?

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Johanna said...

Happy birthday!

Scott said...

Happy birthday Michael!

Jonathan Miller said...

Happy birthday, and may there be plentiful frunt for all!

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday Mike...may Klordny Week be everything you wish for:)

Ragnell said...

Happy Birthday!

Michael said...

Thanks, all! I spent the evening frunting with my friends at a Mexican restaurant. Nothing beats fajitas. Wonder what the 30th century equivalent is?

Oh, and Ragnell, I've got an ebay purchase that'll make for some interesting discussion on your site(s) regarding Supergirl. Do you have a keyword filter on her (or your) name so you'll spot it?

Mr. Kayak said...

happy birthday! love your blog!