Thursday, August 24, 2006

JLA 1 - no Karate Kid

For whatever reason, Karate Kid (of the current Legion series) was on the promotional images of the cover to the new Justice League of America #1, out this week. In as much a surprise as it was to see him there in the first place, it's a case of "now you see him, now you don't" with him and several other characters. KK is not on the final cover, but neither are the leads still appearing in 52. See Blog@Newsarama for a comparison of the before and after pictures (as originally pointed out by The Fourth Rail's Don McPherson).

You can still see the old version of JLA #1 here on DC's website.

Update 8/29: The Legion of Doom has better pictures and more analysis of why the character changes were made. Nobody can figure out why Karate Kid was on there in the first place, though.


Scott said...

But the Legion still got a mention. You can see the scan I posted of it at Legion World. Another AR mention for the collection.

Michael said...

For my part, I don't collect "mentions" though others do. Here's a usenet thread discussing the flight ring issue.

Booster Gold had a flight ring (until it burned out) from the post-Crisis/pre-Zero Hour Legion. Inferno and Superboy (Connor) had their own rings, and I think Impulse did too.

Zeb Aslam said...

Tell me about it. I was only excited about the new League because I was curious to see how Karate Kid was there. It was a pretty big disappointment for them to pull this.

Although, can't be too mad. I don't much like Meltzer and probably wouldn't have enjoyed a weepy Karate Kid anyway :)