Monday, August 07, 2006

Legion panel at Worldcon

The Legion is getting all the good convention love this season! Next up is WorldCon, of all things, to be held Wednesday, August 23 - Sunday August 27 in Los Angeles.

WorldCon, the World Science Fiction Convention, is the annual gathering of the World Science Fiction Society. This year is the 64th convention. Here's the con's web page. WorldCon is where the Hugo Awards are awarded.

Of interest to this blog is at 2:30 on Wednesday:

Why Do SF Fans Love the Legion of Super-heroes? Even fans who read few or no other comics seem to find something in the Legion of Super Heroes to keep them buying and reading the comic, some of them for decades. Just what is there about the Legion?

People of note listed on the con's guest list:
  • Tom Galloway, Legion and SF fan, will be the panel's moderator.

  • SF author Paul Cornell, who will also be on the panel, noted the other day on his site (where I found this info) that
    I'm rather a patchy Legion fan, as I say. I asked to be on the panel because the new version is my current favourite comic, so I'm sure I'll be speaking up for the new in the face of the old, comics fandom loving a bipolar debate as we always do.

    Cornell says that Mark Waid will also be present at the convention and will be a guest on a Thursday morning panel.

  • Chris Roberson, who we've mentioned here previously, is also a Legion fan, and not only will he be attending the convention, but he's also a finalist for Best New Writer.

  • Don Sakers is not only an award-nominated and -winning author, he's also known by his code name Get-a-Life Boy. There's some fantastic Legion stuff on this page, including the awesome Alternate Legions listing and the history of the Legion Cruiser.

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