Thursday, August 31, 2006

Legion team at Baltimore Con next weekend

From one of the Legion mailing lists:

From a LegionWorld post by Barry Kitson: "Just a little announcemnt in case you hadn't heard and might like to come along - Mark and I (and quite possibly our esteemed editor Mr.Wacker ) will be making an appearance at the Baltimore convention in September."

Barry will be set up with lots of original art available. And according to Barry, “I will be doing free sketches, & If there's time (and I'm suitably bribed) I may do a very few commissions. As I attend so few conventions I go mainly to enjoy myself and meet folks.”

Show hours are: Saturday 10-6 • Sunday 10-5. For more info on the Con check here. 1 day tickets are $15,& 2 day tickets are $25. Purchase your tickets here.

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