Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Legion Toywatch: Prequel, part 2 (Grenadier figures)

Part 2 of our look back at Legion toys. Previously:
Part 1 - Tyr, of the Super Powers set, 1986

Legion figures next showed up in a set of 1" figurines sculpted out of lead similar to those used in miniature wargames. This set, made by Grenadier as #6503 (there were also sets for the JLA, Outsiders, Watchmen, and Teen Titans), was meant to be used with the DC Heroes role-playing game (RPG) series from Mayfair. Here's more about the Grenadier sets.

The front of the box has poses of Dawnstar, Wildfire, Tyr, Persuader, and Blok lifted from various places.

There were five heroes and five villains: Dawnstar, Blok, Wildfire, Sensor Girl, Element [sic], Modru [sic], Persuader, Tyr, Lightning Lord, and Emerald Empress. As with all of these 1" lead figures, they're a little clunky looking but I'm sure they'd look cool if someone painted them properly. There's a quarter for scale.

The insert when you open the box identifies the figures.

I've seen them run as high as about $50 at auction (original price: $7.95) but the price does vary a lot. Hey look, there's one set on eBay right now (not mine), never even taken out of the shrink wrap, starting bid at just a buck.


Matthew E said...

I have to say I don't understand the fascination with Tyr.

Scott said...

I still have my set of the Legion figs as well as the ones Grenadier did for the Titans. All painted by me. I should dig them up and display them with my other Legion figs.