Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Linkdump, August '06

Now's the time to post all of the one-off links I've been saving up for the last month or so. I wouldn't link 'em if I didn't like 'em.

  • Chris Sims at the The Invincible Super-Blog continues to find ways to crack me up. If he's not poking fun at miniature spies hidden in people's ankles...
    It's one of those things where you read it, read it again, and then have to go tell someone else about it before your head explodes, which is the sort of thing you're going to have to expect when you're reading a series predicated on a bunch of teenagers going back in time for the sole purpose of screwing with Superboy because they like him so much. And I feel it's only fair to warn you: it may very well blow your mind.

    ... or an entry that examines why the Legion was Not Exactly the Brightest Future Space Teens in the Universe:
    Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan bring us this bit of insight into the same thought process that picked Matter Eater Lad for membership over, say, Polar Boy. Or anyone else, for that matter.

    ... or taking a look at one of Brainiac 5's not-so-great moments, inventing Computo:
    A three-headed, four-armed, tentacle-waving bare-chested fin-legged buck-toothed monstrosity that still has to use a nuclear-powered handgun might just be the best diversionary tactic in the history of comics.

    ... then he's following it all up by an Associated Press... OF THE FUTURE article.

  • James Nicoll follows all that up with an insightful look at Brainy's membership:
    Given all the catastrophic [1], tragic [2] or disturbing things [3] B5 did over the years, the only reason I can think for the LSH to have kept him around was the fear that if they didn't have him convenient to keep an eye on, he'd do even worse things.

  • Allan Harvey of Gorilla Daze brings up a drawing done for a British Legion APA, APA-247, of what the Legion might have looked like as drawn by Jack Kirby.

  • Brian Cronin at CBR's Comics Should Be Good! takes a look back at one of the defining characters of DC's Silver Age, Jimmy Olsen, and his top 5 transformations. One of them is Elastic Lad, but all of them are mind-blowingly awesome in a Silver Age DC kinda way. And Mark Evanier shows where one of those classic covers really came from. Jimmy Olsen #72 shows four of those transformations in a story - "The World of Doomed Olsens!" - that features the Legion, while issue 102 - "World of 1000 Olsens!" shows many more. Ah, the good old days.

  • Macaroni Murder Lady at the heykidzcomix LJ site starts the post with this:
    Like me, I'm sure you've spent many a long, lonely night wondering about what it would be like to have sex with the Legion of Superheroes.

    Wonder no longer!

    With an intro like that, how can you not read? MML found the Interlac web site, which (among other things) has a 1976 interview with Jim Shooter and another from 2000 with Tom and Mary Bierbaum in which they write their perceptions of the various Legionnaires. Of course, that means speculating about their sex lives, which MML expanded upon.
    Saturn Girl: "She is a wild, wild woman in bed, who undoubtedly has occasionally accompanied Lightning Lad on his forays into Dream Girl's boudoir." Shrinking Violet: "She gets all her weird sex from Duplicate Boy and waiting and worrying just makes it sweeter." Sun Boy: "He doesn't have to screw Dream Girl, he undoubtedly gets enough action on his own."

    And that's just from Shooter!

  • Scipio at the Absorbascon uses Streaky as an example of how cats are evil. (I don't necessarily know if I'd call them evil, though, maybe just a bit misguided.)

  • This discussion on the Hero Games message board reimagines the Legion of Super-Pets:
    Sleeping world, the Dark Legion of Super-Pets doth come on fiery paws and hooves of destruction. The day of reckoning is upon thee. Doom trots and scampers across the horizon.

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