Monday, August 07, 2006

Trivia 2

More trivia... . Only five questions this time. I'll post the answers around this weekend.

1. Over the years and through the continuities, the Legion has had several members with direct familial ties to various Justice Leaguers. Name them. (Alternate timelines, dreams, hoaxes, Imaginary Stories, or stuff like "Invisible Kid II once met Superman" don't.)

2. Given the DC Universe's prediliction towards chistogenealogy (everyone who is related has the same name and all those who have the same name are related - see this Absorbascon post for some examples), which Legionnaire is probably the descendant of one of DC's Old West heroes?

3. How do the following television shows relate to this contest? "Clarissa Explains It All", "Picket Fences", and "Gilmore Girls".

4. Which three of the following are NOT included in the 7 Wonders of the 30th Century?
a. Sun City
b. Nine Worlds Ice Cream Parlor
c. Stratosphere Laboratory
d. Global Tunnel
e. Giant Hall of Fame
f. Interplanetary Fair
g. Reversed Waterfalls
h. Fusion Powersphere
i. Wind Control Center
j. Avenue of Heroes

5. Aside from Nemesis Kid's joining the Legion of Super-Villains, which other Legionnaire left the Legion to join a group that had opposed the Legion in the past?


Jonathan Miller said...

Wow, these are tough without access to my comics. (Entire pre-boot Legion is in storage, alas.)

1. Well, XS, obviously. (Does Impulse count as a member?) Superboy, if we're going by technicalities. Laurel Kent was never actually a member, nor were the Tornado Twins...Wasn't Celeste a descendant of a JLAer? I'm sure I'm forgetting people.

2. I'm guessing Bouncing Boy, Chuck Taine. (Johnny Thunder's real name was John Tane.)

3. They all have actors who have done voice work in the Justice League series? I'm not sure.

4. I'd need my comics for this one. At a guess, I'd say b, d and f.

5. The easy one you threw to us. Tellus, of course. In a slightly inexplicable move, TMK had him joining the Dark Circle after the Legion disbanded.

Kevin said...

Yo dude,

Sorry I'm a little late on this, but I found those skins on They have plenty of them :).

Matthew E said...

1. Wasn't Thunder a descendant of Captain Marvel? I think Celeste *wasn't* a descendant of Batman, so she's not one... Laurel Kent was never a Legionnaire, and she was a fake anyway... XS was the Flash's granddaughter/niece/something like that; I guess that's the easy one. Can we say that Mon-El was Superman's surrogate brother? Was Star Boy ever considered to be a descendant of Starman? I presume we aren't counting Oli Queen. Kent Shakespeare was vaguely implied to have some kind of Superman connection. Superboy went on to be a Justice Leaguer himself, and Supergirl's his cousin.

2. Dawnstar and Scalphunter?

3. Dashed if I know.

4. I'll guess b, h and j.

5. Well, Sun Boy did just a few issues ago. What about Lightning Lad joining... was it the Amazers? Or M'Onel signing up with McCauley's group during the Legion Worlds era?