Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wizard World Chicago '06

A few items from Wizard World Chicago, from the two DC panels.

From the DC Nation panel:

  • Newsarama has this item from the "lightning round" of questions:
    Giffen on Legion after Waid? Giffen: (whines) No.

From the DC editoral/DC Universe panel:
  • CBR reports the following...
    Levitz also shot down hopes of a new animated series done in the style created by Bruce Timm for the 1992 "Batman: The Animated Series," last seen in the recently-ended "Justice League Unlimited." Timm is moving on, Levitz said. "I think the biggest challenge is that Bruce feels like he's been there, done that." He has other interests that he would like to explore, though Levitz didn't elaborate or specify.

  • Newsarama adds to the discussion about direct-to-DVD adaptations (the announced ones were Death of Superman, Teen Titans' The Judas Project, and New Frontier):
    Levitz said that if the DVDs were successful, there would be a potential for more projects, and challenged fans to make suggestions on what stories they'd like to see in the future. He joked that the many fans who have been suggesting the “Great Darkness Saga” from the Legion of Superheroes series "because Keith Giffen has been giving you $5 bills: We've heard you."

  • You may recall that the Legions of Gotham site said that the Legion's Johnny DC comic (for kids, based on the animated series) is already in work. This came up at the panel.

    Regarding a possible Johnny DC "Legion of Super Heroes" comic, DiDio thinks "there's a really good chance of that."

    Will there be a Johnny DC Legion comic based on the new cartoon? Or an All-Star Legion? Didio: "I think there's a really good chance of that."

    But an All-Star Legion? Just what we need, yet another continuity to keep track of!

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