Thursday, January 11, 2007

National De-Lurking Week Roll Call

So they tell me it's National De-Lurking Week here in Comicsblogistan.

I get around 200 visitors a day, but only a handful leave comments. How about all you Lurker Lasses and Invisible Kids perform a Legion Roll Call? All of you coming here via a Google Image Search, what are you looking for? If you got here from a search, do you hang out and read? I'm curious.


Quiet Lad said...

Hey, I come for the news about the animated series and find it very useful.

But I guess I just don't have much to say!

Thanks for the site. I really enjoy it.

Gordon said...

Here I am, de-lurking, enjoying not just the animated news, but having my Legion fannishness revitalized.

Great job!

Matthew E said...

Probably a lot of those hits are mine; I find myself checking a lot of my favourite blogs as much as several times a day if I've got nothing else going on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,

I've been lurking for years. You always seem to have the most current and best presented legion info on the net. I was on Lsh-L with you back in the 90's. thanks for all you work.


Bill Meisel said...

Hey -- your site is bookmarked. What is coming up in the world of the legion is information I NEED to know!

Doublechinner said...


Thanks for the great blog, and the head up about de-lurking. I really enjoy your work!


Double Chinner
Super power: super-chin wrestling

Angus said...

As with bill meisel, your site is bookmarked for me.

Then again, after email exchanges, you already know that I'm reading.