Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Roundup: animated news and stuff

Update 1/28, 2pm: The promo mentioned at the bottom of this entry was for the next new episode, "Brain Drain", not the rerun of "Fear Factory".

Lots of stuff to catch up on about the animated show, some of which you may have seen elsewhere... And remember, only one more rerun then four new episodes in a row for the month of February!
  • Producer James Tucker was interviewed by Comics Continuum (part 1, part 2). An excerpt:
    The Continuum: Obviously, you're aware of the Legion fan base...

    Tucker: Oh, sure.

    The Continuum: And generally, the reaction has been really good.

    Tucker: Yeah, I was shocked. Working with Bruce on everything, usually the first gut reactions to a show are negative -- even if the show goes on to be very popular and well-respected.

    Starting with Superman ­ there wasn't a big Internet for people to glom on to back then ­ but a lot of people were comparing it to Batman: The Animated Series. And they were disappointed it wasn't Fleischer. The first reactions are always negative, same with the New Batman Adventures, same with Batman Beyond, same with Justice League, same with Justice League Unlimited. When Justice League Unlimited was first announced there, was a barrage of negativity.

    So when Legion didn't get that, I was like, "Uh-oh, I must be doing something wrong." (laughs)

    I look at Legion as a great franchise and there's only a few things that needed to be changed to suit the intended audience. So why throw it all out if I didn't have to? It just makes my job easier. I didn't have time to reinvent it, and I wouldn't have wanted to. I tried to keep the gist of what the Legion was. ...

    Although I hear it is adult-skewing and I don't know how that happened.

    The Continuum: I would think because of the fan base.

    Tucker: I would think so, too. The fans have been great. Legion fans are awesome. ...

    The Continuum: So you're excited about the prospects of a second season?

    Tucker: I'm excited about the stories we've talked about and the direction we're taking with it. The great thing about Legion is that reboots are kind of built into the history of it, and I think Legion fans are flexible enough where if things are changed, it won't feel so radical. If we get our shot, things will change. That's what I like about Legion. You're not fixed to one specific continuity. It's open to change.

  • People are still voicing their opinions on the show: Sunil is waiting patiently for the next episode, Tempest says that the "lineup has zero charisma and needs a retool", Mela is complaining that there are too many reruns, and Bully rates the show #23 on his list of the Top 50 Fun Things of 2006.

  • Shawn Harrison, the voice of Timber Wolf, tells us about going to the studio to record a promo for last weekend's episode. He's got pictures and a video. What's odd is that the video clip says that it's an all new episode about a trip to Timber Wolf's home planet, which Shawn says was for this past Saturday's episode, but that episode was a rerun of "Fear Factory" on 1/20 it's actually for the Feb 3rd episode called "Brain Drain" (episode 1.09), which is new.


Garth Ranzz said...

It appears that video was dead on for next week's episode though Michael. Don't know if you caught the preview but it was the same one shown in Shawn's video.

Michael said...

I didn't catch it Saturday morning, but Scott has a copy of it up on the Legion Clubhouse.