Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trivia answers #7

Well, after 7 quizzes and 49 questions, I finally stumped the crowd. I'm not surprised that nobody got the first question here, I didn't know it when I heard it. I had to look it up and sonofagun, there it was in print. Now you know Mark Waid's favorite Legion trivia question.

1. In pre-Crisis continuity, who was the next person to join the Legion after Dream Girl?

The guy was never named, but he's known unofficially as False Pretenses Lad. Here's a couple of panels from Adventure 327, which was also the issue that introduced Lone (Timber) Wolf. Click to enlarge.

He's also the first in a line of traitors and other bad guys to join the Legion. These two panels are the entirety of his appearances in pre-Crisis continuity. Bet you didn't know that the Emergency Board was that important!

2. What did Pulsar Stargrave lose when he fought Ambush Bug and the Legion of Substitute Heroes?
His nose was bitten off. "His dignity" would also have been an acceptable answer.

3. What's the street address of the Legion HQ?
It was once shown as 344 Clinton Street, which 1000 years before had been the address of Clark Kent in Metropolis. It was later identified as Weisinger Plaza. (I also seem to recall "Nolan Place" or something like that, but I can't find a reference. Anyone?)

4. Name any five members of Marvel's Imperial Guard, along with the Legionnaire he/she/it corresponds to.
By my count, there have been at least 35 different Guardsmen over the years that represent at least two different Legion continuities (not counting those Guardsmen who are not Legion analogues). I'm not going to list them all here, but I've listed them all on the Legion Wiki.

5. Who was the primary Legion editor (in terms of number of years) during the following periods: 1958-69, 1970-79, 1980-89, 1990-99, and 2000-2007? Mort Weisinger had the longest tenure of all Legion editors, but who had the shortest tenure as editor (not counting assistant or associate editors)?
I was cataloging the list of Legion editors for the Legion Wiki and thought this was a neat question.
* 1960s: Mort Weisinger (1958-70)
* 1970s: Murray Boltinoff (1971-77)
* 1980s: Karen Berger (1983-89)
* 1990s: KC Carlson (1992-98)
* 2000s: Steve Wacker (2003-2007)
Shortest tenure: Mark Waid, who edited just six issues (LSH v4 #1-6, 1989-90). Incidentally, the second-shortest stint was by Laurie Sutton, who edited only eight issues from 1982-83; however, most of those issues were the Great Darkness Saga.

6. For what specific reason was Plaid Lad denied membership at his tryout? Hint: he wasn't the only one in Legion history who was given this explanation.
Tenzil and Cham gently broke it to him that "Until you learn to control your unique abilities, you'd be as great a danger to us as to our enemies." Yeah, Plaid Lad. Isn't that what they told Polar Boy and Infectious Lass?


michaelrbn said...

hmmmmmm, not to nitpick, but when I asked if folks like Command Kid and Dynamo Boy were to be considered for this question, I would have thought that a never named "member" who was never seen either before the Lone Wolf story, or ever mentioned again afterwards would have been included in that group. (and even if you are including him as a member for the purposes of this question, how do you know he wasn't admitted before Dream Girl?

Regardless, I look forward to the next trivia contest and enjoy your site a lot.

Michael said...

Well, I never said that Command Kid and Dynamo Boy should NOT be considered. And I even implied that they should be, since I mentioned that the person in question came before Command Kid.

Of course, since this happened mostly off-panel, there's no way to definitively know when they joined, but like most Legionnaires in the early days, they were shown after they were already members. So without any further information, I have to assume that his joining was shortly before his arrest.

Still, a neat bit of trivia.

Tom Galloway said...

OK, let me toss out the Legion trivia question which stumped Waid; name the first time the White Witch is refered to as a Legionnaire.

michael rebain said...

Going by my memory I think it was one of the following: Mort Weisinger made a reference to her as being a member of the Adult Legion in a letter column response to a query why the AL had so few members, or it was a late 60s Superman story which featured one of the last times that Legionnaires appeared at the end as a deux ex machina device. In this one an adult Brainiac 5 impersonated a Green K poisoned Superman and may have made mention of the White Witch helping out on this adventure.