Friday, January 05, 2007

Trivia quiz #7

Answers in a few days.

1. In pre-Crisis continuity, who was the next person to join the Legion after Dream Girl?

2. What did Pulsar Stargrave lose when he fought Ambush Bug and the Legion of Substitute Heroes?

3. What's the street address of the Legion HQ?

4. Name any five members of Marvel's Imperial Guard, along with the Legionnaire he/she/it corresponds to.

5. Who was the primary Legion editor (in terms of number of years) during the following periods: 1958-69, 1970-79, 1980-89, 1990-99, and 2000-2007? Mort Weisinger had the longest tenure of all Legion editors, but who had the shortest tenure as editor (not counting assistant or associate editors)?

6. For what specific reason was Plaid Lad denied membership at his tryout? Hint: he wasn't the only one in Legion history who was given this explanation.


Dave Van Domelen said...

1. Dunno.

2. BY NODE! Er, his nose. Tenzil bit it off and then spit it out.

3. Dunno.

4. Gladiator (Superboy/man), Hobgoblin (Chameleon Boy), Wolf (Timber Wolf), Electron (Lightning Lad), Quasar (Star Boy, one of the more tenuous ones). I can PICTURE more Imperial Guardsmen, but am not so sure on the names.

5. Dunno.

6. I believe it was lack of control over his powers, which were Plaid-ing up things he didn't mean to.

Jonathan Miller said...

Hmm. Mort Weisinger, Karen Berger, K.C. Carlson and Stephen Wacker? And I believe the shortest tenure might have been Mark Waid's.

And the Legion's street address was originally the same as Clark Kent's apartment's address. But I can't remember what that was. :-) Then, I think, they were at 1 Weisinger Plaza or something like that....

Wasn't Plaid Lad essentially told his power was stupid? (There have been others who have gotten the "might get out of control" explanation as well.)

michael rebain said...

1. If you mean Dream Girl's becoming a member when she first appeared (and not when she was readmitted as Miss Terious, I think the next member to join was Command Kid. The next member, if you don't consider temporary additions like Command Kid, would be one of the trio that joined simulaneously in July of 66, Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad and Karate Kid.

3. Wasn't it 1 Nolan Place (although the Weisinger Plaza address also rings a bell)?
4. The few I knew by name have been listed already, although I do recall a Phantom Girl lookalike with the pigtails.

Jonathan Miller said...

Argh, I missed an editor! I think Jack Harris was the editor from 70-79. Wait, wasn't Murray Boltinoff editing for the first part of that, from 1970-74 or so? (Argh, I wish I could get my comics out of storage to check...)

Michael said...

1. Yes, I was looking for the very next person who joined immediately following Dream Girl's first joining in ADV 317. But no, it's not Command Kid...

4. Wolf was not the Timber Wolf analogue's name.

Jonathan Miller said...

Ok, I had to know the answer to #1, so I looked it up in my copy of the Legion Archives vol. 3. But since looking it up is kind of cheating, I won't give it away. :-)

Terence Chua said...

As no-one has answered No. 3 yet, I'll give that away: 344 Clinton Street, the site of Clark Kent's apartment in Old Metropolis.

Lemur! said...

4. Gladiator/Superboy, Fang/Timber Wolf, Smasher/Ultra Boy, Bolt/Sun Boy, Oracle/Saturn Girl

6. "Sorry, but your powers would be as much a threat to us as to our enemies"

Eric TF Bat said...

"Sorry, but your powers would be as much a threat to us as to our enemies"

/me chortles immoderately

Who says the Legionnaires can't be diplomatic sometimes?

Michael said...

OK, so you've basically gotten them all except for #1.

Back in the late 90s, AOL used to have a weekly chat session in the DC area (hosted for a time by Johanna Draper, by the way), with a weekly designated time for a Legion chat. The Legion creators at the time (Moy, Carani, Stern, McCraw, Moder, etc.) would show up, as would Mark Waid. One time they had a "stump Mark Waid with Legion trivia" theme - which is like saying "stump Stephen Hawking in Physics". This, he said, is his favorite Legion trivia question. Nobody could answer it during the chat and I had to look it up for myself. I'll see if anyone gets it by later today and if not, either I or Jonathan Miller can post the answer.

I'll even give you a hint: this person was kicked out of the Legion for doing something and was sent to prison.

michaelrbn said...

Hey! Some of us are going crazy over this (OK, only I am). I thought I knew that era of the Legion inside and out, but I'm obviously missing something (again assuming it's not one of the folks like Command Kid, Dynamo Boy or any other of the temp members between Dream Girl and Karate Kid, et al.