Saturday, January 13, 2007

WTF is she doing there? (updated)

Update 1/15: Added the Scans Daily link at the bottom.

How in the heck did the pre-Zero Hour Infectious Lass end up in this week's Tales of the Unexpected #4? In the backup story featuring Dr. Thirteen, she says she's been hiding in the 31st century for the last 30 years. Is this yet another pre-ZH Legionnaire in the "New Earth" era, or is this going to have been a dream/hoax/imaginary story?

I love how Johanna describes the scene:
So I’m reading about Dr. 13 trying to keep from having a nervous breakdown while fighting Nazi gorillas accompanied by a vampire and a Confederate ghost and a flying pirate ship... which I admit, is pretty amusing... and then...

Infectious Lass shows up! She’s always been one of my favorites, because she so nicely breaks the mold of girls having quiet and polite powers, like telepathy. She has a messy ability with immense potential scope.

Only in comics would a sentence about a ghost-busting detective, talking Nazi gorillas, vampires, Confederate ghosts, and flying pirate ships not cause anyone to bat an eyelash. Ha!

ComicBloc is talking about it too.

Update: Here's the Scans Daily post of this story to date. I see how Infectious Lass fits in: she's there with I...Vampire, the Haunted Tank's JEB Stuart, Anthro, Captain Fear and his flying pirate ship, the Primate Patrol (Nazi apes), and Genius Jones. I hadn't read the whole thing until now - as they said over at Scans Daily, "Words cannot describe the utter crackapallooza about to unfold."


Jonathan Miller said...

Argh, now I have to buy Tales of the Unexpected too? ;-)

Thomas Mitchell said...

Legionnaires are busting out all over. Now Star Boy is in the Justice Society.