Saturday, February 24, 2007

Animated LSH season 2 updates

I think I missed some of these the first time around, so here's a summary of what we know for LSH season 2.
Original entry 2/24/07
Update 3/2/07: added info on two Superman voices, Duo Damsel/Triplicate Girl
Update 3/9/07: added info on DeMatteis' 2nd script, villains
Update 4/16/07: added Brandon Vietti (director)

Producers/Story Editors
  • Story Editor Rob Hoegee, Assistant Producer A. J. Vargas, and Co-Producer Linda Steiner were not listed in the Season 2 press release. In their place were Associate Producer Amy McKenna and Story Editor Michael Jelenic.

  • In a recent comment on his blog, director Ben Jones (who did "Man of Tomorrow", "Fear Factory", "Substitutes") said that he has no plans yet for season 2 episodes.
    No season 2 planed for me right now, alas. I'm far too busy with [secret project] - but who knows how the schedules will work out. But don't worry, Legion is in excellent hands - James is still the Man in Charge, and if the rumours are true, he's got [secret director 1] (whose work you might know from [secret show], or you could just check out his link in my sidebar), [secret director 2] and [secret director 3] lined up.

    From the suggestion, it appears that Secret Director 1 could be Michael Chang or Matt Youngberg, both of whom say that they're directors on their pages.

  • Brandon Vietti, another director linked on Ben's page, has confirmed that he's one of the Season 2 directors.

  • Director Lauren Montgomery (who did "Timber Wolf", "Champions", and "Lightning Storm") left Warner Bros. back in November and is on another show, so I don't think she'll be back for Season 2.

  • Ben's quote says three directors, which would suggest that the other Season 1 director, Tim Maltby, might not be there for Season 2 either.

Other creative staff
  • Chris Hooten is a new name I just found, he says he's a colorist. I'm not quite sure what a colorist does for animation - is that the person who paints the cels via ink & paint or computer?

  • Former DC and Marvel artist Barry Crain is doing storyboards for episodes of the show. He did a few for Season 1.

  • Designer Derrick J. Wyatt is moving to another TV series and won't be doing designs in Season 2, according to a comment on his blog.

Voice Actors
  • Andy Milder will return as the voice of Lightning Lad, while Yuri Lowenthal returns as Superman.

  • J. M. DeMatteis has written two episodes so far, one featuring Timber Wolf and the other featuring Chameleon Boy. I pray that he does not bring back the villain he created in his only Legion comic series story - Dr. Mayavale.

Character changes/updates
  • Season 2 writer J. M. DeMatteis calls it "a shift in focus." The Season 2 press release says
    A daunting new villain -- a destroyer of galaxies from the rich annals of DC Comics -- puts the Legion into action alongside new team members. Superman returns from the 21st century with greater development of both his physical prowess and far better utilization of his powers to help the Legion toward victory in the 31st century and beyond. Moreover, the Legion finds a surprising, new ally from across the space-time continuum to assist in its efforts to rid the universe of this powerful foe.

    According to Comics Continuum, the villain is Imperiex, who was seen in "Our Worlds at War" a few years ago and who will "likely appear starting with the second-season debut."

  • New team members - Chameleon Boy

  • Superman update - Comics Continuum says that "The Superman seen in Season 2 will not be the same Superman as seen in Season 1," suggesting that at the end of Season 1, Superman returns to the 21st century (20th?) to pick back up with his training where he left off in the first episode. Voice actor Yuri Lowenthal says he has recorded "two versions" of Superman.

  • New ally - as yet unknown. Maybe Supergirl?

  • Timber Wolf will be spotlighted in at least one episode of the second season. Comics writer J. M. DeMatteis will write this story, calling it "a pretty intense episode". His second story features Chameleon Boy.

  • The Fatal Five will return early in the season, as will the Light Speed Vanguard.

  • Both Triplicate Girl and Duo Damsel will appear. This suggests that the Computo, the computer intelligence running the Legion HQ, could somehow cause the death of one of Triplicate Girl's bodies.

  • Matter-Eater Lad also returns early in the season.

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