Monday, February 12, 2007

Episode 1.08: Lightning Storm

One of the best episodes yet. It was exciting from a fight standpoint, and it had the highest geek quotient so far due to all of the Legion applicants. The best thing about the episode: finding out that I was right all along about how "Ayla" is pronounced. Take that, all you "Eye-la" pronouncers!

If you haven't seen the episode yet, here are the torrents in hi-def and regular.

A quick look at the reviews:

  • From Matthew at the Legion Abstract:
    The most obvious ongoing plotline of this series so far has been the Superman/Brainiac 5 friendship, and certainly it's what I've taken the most notice of. Just as good, though, is the character of Lightning Lad. From the beginning it's been obvious that he's a guy who can be a bit of a jerk. But, also from the beginning, he's also been a guy who has never compromised his heroism. ... It's important to understand: he's not like a Dan Fielding or Reggie Mantle who needs to be shamed into doing the right thing. He's not an antihero or a reluctant hero. He's the real thing... but he happens to have an unpleasant side to his personality. His portrayal is one of the best things about the show.

  • Duke at Blog 9 from Outer Space:
    Simply the best episode of the Legion cartoon so far. Cool fights, competing super-teams, family feuds, teen-aged romance, and Legion applicants. This one had it all, and did it all well. Yes, THIS, is what I had most hoped for in a Legion cartoon.

  • Eldarwannabe on LiveJournal:
    Latest Legion of Super Heroes episode, Lighting Storm.

    It seems the show is focusing more on Lighting Lad then any of the other characters. And despite the monster-of-the-week approach, I'm really enjoying the show so far. I would like it if they went deeper, with longer, more mature storyline. But the cameos are keeping me happy so far. (Although I might die of fan-overload if Ayla actually showed up at this point.)

  • Rokk at the Comic Book Revolution:
    This was a great episode. Probably my favorite episode so far. It had everything that I want from a Legion cartoon. It had action, drama and plenty of very cool cameo appearances. “Lightning Storm” really captured the spirit of the Legion. That the Legion is not just a team. It is a family...

    I also loved this episode because of all of the various potential applicants for the Legion tryouts. I always loved issues that centered on Legion auditions. It was always entertaining to see the various oddball characters that would try and get into the Legion.

  • Jeffrey Bridges at Superman Homepage:
    It was good to see a wider variety of Legion members, with Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl finally getting some more screen time and with the (albeit brief) introduction of Colossal Boy.

    And as always, and as I've now come to expect, the action sequences were the absolute highlight of the episode. This one wasn't quite as creative as some of the past ones have been, but it was still a highly entertaining battle and just what you'd hope for from a superhero battle (including getting to see Superman kind of cut loose on an opponent of roughly equal strength).

  • There's also talk on the LegionWorld forum, the ToonZone forum, the ComicBloc forum.


Garth Ranzz said...

I've always pronounced Ayla the same way as in the toon. Now if they'll just use Gim's name we can really start a "Pronouncing the Legionnaire's Names" game. :)

Troy said...

It's Eye-la, dammit!

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

ah troy, you sore loser you.