Thursday, February 15, 2007

HeroClix Starter Set & Origin update

Scott at Legion Clubhouse points out that two images of the new Legion HeroClix Starter Set have been sneak-peeked: Phantom Girl and Timber Wolf. But they're in their post-Infinite Crisis (current) costumes, not the cartoon version, so maybe it's a rights thing -- maybe resculpts of Brainiac 5, Superman, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and a new Bouncing Boy in their current costumes. Oh, wait, there is no Bouncing Boy in current continuity yet.

Here's the thread at the HCRealms message board discussing the set, along with the new Phantom Girl and Timber Wolf figures. The starter set comes out in June.

Meanwhile, Buddyhoss over at HCRealms got the poster with images of each figure and photographed each one. Legion figures from this set are Mano, Triplicate Girl, Supergirl (modern), and M'Onel/Valor/Mon-El. Here's the set, along with the discussion thread. M. J. Norton's Miraclo Miles discusses of many of them, and an earlier post discusses the Supergirl figure. The Origin set comes out in March.

(Updated with info from Scott's comment below)

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Garth Ranzz said...

Michael, Mano has been seen. I just didn't get time to update the Clubhouse yesterday with those images. A poster over at HCRealms, Buddyhoss, has posted all the images from the preview poster. Here's Mano.