Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kitson: "I can't make any promises beyond #30"

I was going to put this at the end of my last post, but thought it deserved its own.

Barry Kitson posts from time to time over at the LegionWorld message boards. In the last couple of days he's had this to say about his leaving:

The thing was that Mark and I were scheduled to finish on LSH whatever happened so when Marvel offered me such a fun project and the chance to work with Matt I couldn't really say no. Luckily for us, Marvel were happy to let us finish up our run and DC were kind enough to want us to as well. I hope we set a good stage for the creators who will follow us.... I'll certainly still be reading the book to see what happens next.

Thanks, Marvel and DC! Interestingly, he later said this:
Characters I would have liked to have drawn? Well I wish I had gotten to draw Andromeda - and I would have liked to have shown our version of Dawnstar (she was going to be in the Wanderers but we were told we couldn't include her at the last minute because she was turning up elsewhere in the DCU).

"Elsewhere" is apparently the new JSA series sometime this year, which we saw in JSA #1. Otherwise, what a bombshell announcement that would have been!

Finally, an announcement on their last issue:
Well I'm definitely drawing #30, if we can squeeze an extra issue in I will, but with scheduling the way it is I can't make any promises beyond #30.

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Greybird said...

"'[...] I would have liked to have shown our version of Dawnstar (she was going to be in the Wanderers) [...]'"

So there WAS something to that winged silhouette. Another near-miss for the Starhaven miss. Ah well. I'm just hoping JSA redivivus follows through on what they've promised.

... Thanks for your reporting once again, by the way, Mike. Those of us in unwanted fannish exile especially appreciate it.