Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Meet Mon-El's family

Courtesy of The Hembeck Files!

Fred Hembeck's comics were Da Bomb. He did a strip in the late 70's DC comics on the "Daily Planet" page (like the one above) each week, for that week's comics. The Planet page was a little hype about upcoming books, plus "Ask the Answer Man". (Hey, this was pre-internet, I wasn't even old enough to know about The Comic Reader or RBCC or anything like that yet.) Fred did a half dozen or so Legion-related strips, and had his own magazine from Fantaco over the years - some of it new, some reprinted from Comics Buyer's Guide. More on that eventually.

Also from the Hembeck site:


Dave Van Domelen said...

http://www.proudrobot.com/hembeck/rozakis.html is also a Legion one.

The visual verification link keeps coming up as a broken image, BTW. Or just not working even when I can see it.

Michael said...

Thanks, Dave. I added the Answer Man strip to the list.

Can't help you with the visual verification link, sorry. It must be a Blogger thing.

Garth Ranzz said...

Reminds me of the pride and joy of my original artwork collection. Fred did this for me in 2005. I still need to get it framed.