Friday, February 23, 2007

New York Comic Con '07: day 1

Update Friday night: added info/speculation about Mark Waid's status at the bottom.
Update Saturday afternoon: added George Perez panel info.

Day 1 at the NYCC:

The news kicks off with a story on CBR that Barry Kitson is exclusive to Marvel and will be working on a new Champions relaunch.
Marvel approached Kitson, who in recent years had primarily worked for DC Comics, about an exclusive deal at just the right time. “I guess it was a matter of timing and opportunity really; some might call it fate!” Kitson told CBR News. “Mark Waid and I were coming up to the scheduled end of our time on the ‘Legion of Superheroes’ for DC and Marvel were kind enough to offer me a chance to play a role in the Marvel Universe just at the right moment. I’ve long hoped for a chance to work with the folks at Marvel and I think with so many of my friends and past colleagues there now it helped make the transition possible.

Newsarama has more, including an interview with Kitson:
NRAMA: Okay, Barry. You're coming off a long stint with Mark Waid on DC's Legion of Super-Heroes, and with that title it carries a lot of intense and devoted fans. What would you say to them as you leave the title and move onto a new stage in your career?

BK: A HUGE “Thank you!” The LSH readers have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic throughout the run and been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few at conventions and correspond with even more via the Internet. They’ve certainly made me feel part of the community and been great fun to talk to. I hope as a body they’ll look back on our tenure on the LSH fondly and feel we honored the book’s great legacy…. and I hope also that they might take a look at what I’m doing at Marvel because it’d be great to keep in touch. I’ve always thought one of the best things about drawing a comic book regularly is getting to know the readers and feeling we all have a share in the title– I think the LSH guys are probably as good at that as any readers can be – so again, I’d like to say thanks for all the support and enthusiasm and I hope to be enjoying the stories of whichever creators follow us on the LSH along with you!

NRAMA What will be your final issue of Legion of Super-Heroes?

BK: That will probably be #30 (depending on scheduling at DC) which will give Mark and I a chance to tie-up all (or nearly all) the threads we started dangling in issue #1. Marvel has been very kind in allowing us to wrap things up before I move over.

Apparently the first issue comes out in July, so in the next month or so we'll find out who the replacement artist will be. That's too bad, I really like Kitson's artwork. Two big names who've expressed interest in drawing the Legion won't be the new artist - not George Perez, since he's on "Brave and Bold", and Jim Lee, off being busy as the regular artist on "All Star Batman".

Meanwhile, Newsarama has news from the DC Nation panel, which focused on Countdown. There was this bit from the Lightning Round of questions:
Speaking about World War III, editor Pete Tomasi, who was in the audience, said that many of the issues surrounding Supergirl will be handled in the World War III specials.

These "issues" include why Supergirl seems so different in her own book and the Legion book, and apparently there is a reason.

CBR's DC Nation writeup doesn't have anything new.

Update Fri. night: Mike brings up an interesting point in his comment below - what is Mark Waid's status? He signed a 2-year exclusive contract in summer 2005, which means that it expires this summer. Kitson had signed a 3-year exclusive in January 2004, which means he's staying on as a freelancer (I think) until he wraps up his Legion storyline in a few months. Will Waid leave when Kitson does or will it be just a change in artist?

Update Sat. afternoon: Coverage of the George Perez panel by Newsarama doesn't mention George wanting to draw the Legion. Perhaps in a later issue of Brave & Bold, which he's contracted to for a year. If only he were available to take over from Barry Kitson....


Michael K. Willis said...

A pity about DC losing Kitson...even if he and Waid were going to be leaving S/LSH anyway...the Champions thing sounds a bit iffy to me (I'll give it a chance if it fits in the budget.) Kitson is a fine Legion artist (the Element Lad costume notwithstanding :-) and I hope they find someone in his league to take his place.

Ben Jones said...

Now we can have Bouncing Boy.

Michael said...

Good point about Waid, I didn't realize at first glance that's what this implies too. Waid's exclusive contract is up this summer, so maybe he is leaving as well. The two articles suggest as much, but it only sounds like Kitson is moving to Marvel.

Matthew E said...

From the way Kitson is talking on Legion World and other places, it looks like Waid's staying with DC, for Brave and Bold and maybe other stuff, but leaving LSH.