Saturday, February 24, 2007

New York Comic Con '07: day 2

NYCC Day 2. Today's panels include the DC Nation tour and the Remembering Dave Cockrum panel.

CBR has a recap of the "DCU: A Better Tomorrow -- Today!" panel. Not much from the 31st century standpoint.

Any more animated DC series on the way? According to Dini, the next one coming out is “Death of Superman” later this year. “Legion” and “The Batman” continue, but nothing else is on the horizon. When should readers be expecting the return of the multiverse? Wayne dropped strong hints to look for the 51st and 52nd weeks of “52.”

Should we expect the return of Superboy or any Superboys in a book? “None that I can find,” Idelson said.

Didio polled the panel again on what characters they’d want to work on that they hadn’t yet.
Keith Champagne: “Legion.”

Will there be a “Legion” Showcase collection? Wayne confirmed that one is in the works.

The panel ended with a high note, as an audience member asked Didio if the Flash and Red Robin in the “Countdown” teaser were Barry Allen and Jason Todd, respectively. Didio, uncharacteristically flustered, appeared to confirm the information. Bob Wayne then removed the microphone from Didio’s podium. Didio tried to rebound with a last question for the panel: Who should we kill? Only Rucka answered: “I’m looking at him.”

I added the Flash reference here only because his journey to the 30th century prior to Crisis resulted in the Tornado Twins and their offspring Impulse and XS, none of whom have been addressed in the post-Infinite Crisis continuity yet.

Newsarama has pretty much the same stuff, just written by a different guy.

Over at the Secret MySpace panel, Jim Lee was revealed as one of the guests. He reiterated that he still would like to draw the Legion.

A recap of the Cockrum panel later.


Matthew E said...

Will there be a “Legion” Showcase collection? Wayne confirmed that one is in the works.

Yeah, but we knew that, right? It's already been solicited for... April, I think. Or is this something different?

Michael said...

Yeah, it sounds like nothing new. The first Showcase TPB was solicited in December for an April release.