Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NYCC passes the torch to Wondercon

And like that, the New York Comic Con '07 is done, and it's time to turn to WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend (you know, they're much less tiring when you're sitting at home blogging about it rather than wandering the floor and hitting the after-con parties!). We've got the two DC panels (DC Nation and DC Universe - Great Expectations) plus one on animation (including panelist Stan Berkowitz, who wrote the "Lightning Storm" episode of the LSH series) and one on the direct-to-DVD movies.

Mark Waid is a guest there, hopefully he'll reveal something about his future plans with regards to the Legion in light of last weekend's announcement. And maybe someone can find out if anyone was serious about producing a "Great Darkness Saga" DVD as suggested last year. Don't forget, if anyone sees Mike Marts there, he's the Legion editor and might be persuaded to spill a bean or two.

Here's what's on tap programming-wise:

Friday March 2:
4:00-5:00 DC Nation—Dan DiDio— Dan DiDio, Senior VP—Executive Editor DCU, and Bob Wayne, VP—Sales, are joined by Matt Idelson, Senior Editor—DCU, Jann Jones, Coordinating Editor—DCU, and others to call upon the DC NATION once again! Don’t miss the news on what will sure to be the most talked about events of the coming year! Open to current DC NATION members and new recruits! Room 200

Saturday March 3:
12:30-2:00 DC Universe 2007: Great Expectations— Dan DiDio, Senior VP—Executive Editor DCU, and Bob Wayne, VP—Sales, are joined by Matt Idelson, Senior Editor—DCU, Jann Jones, Coordinating Editor—DCU, Judd Winick (Green Arrow, Outsiders), Mark Waid (52, Supergirl & The Legion of Super-Heroes), Phil Jimenez (Infinite Crisis) and others for a panel that’s not to be missed. Catch up on the secrets of 52 and what lies ahead for the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! Room 200

3:00-4:00 The Animation Production Process— What goes into bringing an animated script to screen? Join Adam Beechen (Johnny Test, Teen Titans), Stan Berkowitz (Legion of Super Heroes, The New Frontier), Dwayne McDuffie (Static Shock, Justice League Unlimited) and WonderCon special guest Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H.) as they take you behind the scenes. Moderated by Shannon Muir (Invader ZIM, Extreme Ghostbusters), author of Gardner's Guide to Animation Writing and Production from GGC, Inc. Room 236

5:30-6:45 DC Universe: Super Heroes Go DVD— DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Home Video have joined forces to create a new series of DVDs based on DC Comics' popular graphic novels. Join animation legend Bruce Timm (Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series) and DC Comics luminaries Dan DiDio (Senior Vice President/Executive Editor) and Gregory Noveck (Senior Vice President/Creative Affairs) as they guide you through the intricacies of translating these iconic characters, revered stories and dazzling artwork from acclaimed graphic novels to animated life. In addition to a captivating Q&A, the panel will include a sneak peek of the animation triumvirate's first DVD release ... featuring a caped wonder and rumors of his early demise. Esplanade Ballroom

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Jonathan Miller said...

Well, I can confirm that at least one artist who would love to draw the Legion will not be taking over the series. On Mike Wieringo's sketch blog, he answered one of my comments:

"Say, Mike, now that Kitson's leaving the Legion....hey, a guy can dream, right? "

I WISH, Jonathan... but I'm still under exclusive with Marvel through the end of 2008.
Mike Wieringo

A shame, as I'd love to see a Ringo Legion!