Thursday, February 15, 2007

"The Substitutes" Preview

Today's Comics Continuum has a preview of this weekend's episode (1.10) of "Legion of Super-Heroes", featuring the time-honored classic of Legion tryouts (and rejects) as well as the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

According to series producer James Tucker:
"This one might be a fan-favorite," Legion producer James Tucker told The Continuum. "There was a Substitutes annual that Keith Giffen did that was just off-the-wall and totally different. And that's where the Substitutes were really first presented as really bizarre. We took a lot of cues from that one.

"It¹s a fun episode. It's got a lot of cameos in it, from other Legionnaires, not just the Subs. And two Legionnaires join the team."

Two, huh? I'll bet Invisible Kid and Ultra Boy will be the newbies.

I think they'll leave the "traditional" Subs of the 80's alone, especially based on the above quote (and cover off to the right), so that would suggest Polar Boy, Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid, Porcupine Pete, Double-Header, Infectious Lass, Stone Boy, Color Kid, and Night Girl -- all of whom we saw last week -- will form the Subs. Matter-Eater Lad might join the Subs, especially if they're going to be played for comic relief.

Oh, and the guy with the miner's helmet and the letters QK on his costume, who everyone thinks is Quake Kid? A quick Googling of his name produces a slap-the-forehead "oh yeah" moment. There was a Quake Kid who was introduced in Superboy 218, the first appearance of Absorbancy Boy and the second appearance of Infectious Lass. She and Quake Kid were going to go for lunch or something after being rejected, when her powers made him nauseous. His next appearance was a Weisinger Chamber bearing his name.

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