Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Toywatch: No News Is Bad News (at least for 2007)

News via Action Figure Insider's forums:

The lack of Legion figures on display at Toy Fair is not good news. In fact, AFI has it that the Legion action figure line has been pushed to 2008, which suggests that previews for the line might not be on view until San Diego.

From someone who knows the right people:

I haven't heard a "why" from anyone yet. All they will say is LOSH is now an 2008 line.

Here's a straw poll of the readers on Action Figure Insider as to who they want to see. We'll see what AFI's Boy Wonder, a Mattel rep, has to say.

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Garth Ranzz said...

Well if by holding them off a year we get a better product and a major tie-in to the Legion's 50th anniversary, I don't mind the wait.