Thursday, February 15, 2007

Toywatch: Not action figures, but how about Heroclix?

I'll leave all of the analysis to our resident Heroclix expert (Scipio at the Absorbascon), but at least three people emailed me tonight to tell me that WizKids is coming out with a special Heroclix "starter set".

DC HeroClix Legion of Super-Heroes Starter Game Announced!

This Summer, WizKids takes DC HeroClix into the distant future with the DC HeroClix: Legion of Super-Heroes Starter Game!

The DC HeroClix: Legion of Super-Heroes Starter Game features:
· 7 all-new sculpts
· 2 exclusive new 3D objects
· 3'x3' full-color, 2-sided HeroClix map
· The most up-to-date HeroClix rulebook and PAC card
· 1 Feat card, 1 Battlefield Condition and terrain and object tokens
· 1 HeroClix base turning ring and 2 dice

The Legion of Super-Heroes is set in the 30th Century where a young Superman has been thrust forward in time and agrees to join a young team of adventurers in a universe that faces threats of unimaginable proportion!

The DC HeroClix: Legion of Super-Heroes Starter Game is featured in a windowed display box and is playable right out of the box. Combined with previous HeroClix releases such as DC HeroClix: Origin and DC HeroClix: Giants you can recreate some of the Legion's most spectacular adventures!

And don't forget, 2007 is the 5th Anniversary of HeroClix. Expect ANYTHING!

The DC HeroClix: Legion of Super-Heroes Starter Game is slated for release in June 2007.

I suspect that the 7 all-new sculpts are likely to be the 7 core characters of the TV show - I think that's too much of a coincidence. And I have no idea what the rest of the items in the box are, but as long as they're included, cool! (Not that I'm going to play the game, though.)

Here's a list of all the Legion-related HeroClix figures that I put together for the Legion Wiki.

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